e family – she has caught him cheating several times. .

e family – she has caught him cheating several times. .
The Kingdom of China does not pay attention to equality between men and women, but there is no absolute discrimination. As a doctor, she has a good experience. If she really wants to care about it, the husband will not get any benefit.
The same goes for Senior Aunt Chen and Senior Aunt Liu. They have strong foundations and naturally speak loudly.
/How big a deal is it for classmates to get together and make little jokes among themselves?
However, Mr. Kong obviously still felt like he had drunk too much. “I can’t say anything when we are classmates, but Yongsheng has greeted Senior Aunt Liu, so you don’t have to worry too much in the capital.” ”
Sister Liu?” Li Yongsheng frowned. I wonder, among your classmates, she is the only one who works in manufacturing.
Kong Zongyu seemed to have guessed what he was thinking, so he snorted and rolled his eyes at him, “Would I lie to you?”
The co-author’s name is Liu Bailian. She specializes in medical skills and is very famous in the capital. She The medical master is Master Liu, known as South Yang and North Willow.
The next day, Li Yongsheng got up too late and found that Mr. Kong’s door was closed. He did not bother him, but went downstairs to the cafeteria to have breakfast.
The food in the cafeteria of the guest house is much better than that of the cafeteria of the main hospital, but the price is also much higher.
He had a big appetite, and he ate breakfast worth two hundred dollars alone, and he was still just full.
After dinner, he went for a walk by the lake. The scenery of the villa was beautiful and the air was especially good.
But it was a pity that he had not walked very far around the lake when he was stopped by two thick men with tall noses and deep eyes. They stared at him and yelled at him.
Li Yongsheng raised his hand to pick his ears and said with a smile, “Speak in Mandarin!”
Seeing his reaction, a guy with tattoos on his face raised his hand and pushed towards him.
Li Yongsheng was pushed back two steps, and then he frowned, “You are obviously a human, why are you talking like a bird?”
“You are looking for death!” The other man was furious when he heard this, and raised his hand and struck him with a white light. ’s left shoulder—these two people are both skilled in craftsmanship.
Li Yongsheng flashed his body, letting the white light pass, and then stepped forward. In a flash, he had already picked up the man. After two soft “click” sounds, the man drew an arc in the air and was thrown directly. Entered the lake.
The guy with the tattoo on his face didn’t realize what was going on. When he saw his companion being thrown into the lake, he wanted to run towards the lake at first, but then he realized that he didn’t know how to swim, so he had to give a loud shout and pull out The scimitar at his waist was slashed at Li Yongsheng.
This sword is powerful and fast, and the blade spits out white light, which fully demonstrates the strength of the craftsman.
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