, either legally or by blood.

In terms of law, Dean Constable is very comprehensive and has made all preparations for this position.
After Dean Constable obtained David’s experimental material, he immediately launched his long-planned plan.
Arthur was sent on a business trip by Dean Constable through his staff, and he was sent to Area 101 of the Federal Research Institute on the way. Even when Arthur was sent there, Arthur thought it was a business trip.
Dean Constable erased all traces. Arthur’s return was like returning from a business trip. There is information about Arthur’s return in the voyage records of the Origin Star.
This is a big job promotion for a researcher like Arthur.
David didn’t care about Arthur’s promotion in the position. With a week’s rest, he wanted to study his body.
Since the villa was previously owned by Mooney, there is a training room in excellent condition in the basement.
Standing in the training room, David began to think about the path he would take in the future.
He currently has two training options. One is to continue practicing the federal training system. He is now a peak warrior, and he should be able to break through and become extraordinary in the near future.
The other is the cultivation system of cultivating the divine world, but he doesn’t know much about this cultivation system.
But David could still practice. He summoned the Shadow Warrior, put one hand on the Shadow Warrior, and summoned a knowledge light ball alone.
‘Knight’s Breathing Technique (80% Proficiency)’, this knowledge light ball from the great world of spiritual cultivation, after being injected with the power of Arthur’s bloodline, the ‘not meeting the conditions for use’ disappeared.
In other words, David can practice the ‘Knight Breathing Technique’, a knight training method in the divine world.
But David still had concerns. If he had any difficulties in practicing the ‘Knight’s Breathing Technique’, he would not be able to get help from others.
In addition, he doesn’t know what level of practice the ‘Knight Breathing Technique’ is in the divine world. He hopes that he can meet Baron Dubois and Knight Miller and get the divine world from them. A really good practice method.
Of course, if he wants to meet with Baron Du Bois, he must at least solve the problem of President Louis. In addition, he must also figure out how to explain that he has the power of blood. These are all headaches for him.
Shaking his head, David quickly made up his mind. He decided to continue practicing the federal training system, at least to become extraordinary.
Only by becoming extraordinary can he be more confident in dealing with President Louis. The cultivation of the divine world cultivation system can only be discussed later.
/Although David is extremely attracted to the cultivation system of the Divine World, he also knows that cultivation cannot be too casual. He now knows too little about the cultivation system of the Divine World.
/Before practicing, David carefully inspected the Shadow Warrior. This tim