rested in the guest room. The shadow attendant stood at the door of the guest room to guard him.

David didn’t have a good rest for several days in a row. With the soft bed under him, he quickly fell into a deep sleep.
Mrs. Meredith in the villa probably never dreamed that her enemy was sleeping in the guest room of her house.
At six o’clock in the morning, David came to the underground training room. As if he were at home, he completed one hour of training and then took a shower in the guest room.
The robot nanny brought breakfast, and David had breakfast in the room without leaving the room.
The security system here has long regarded him as a member of the villa, so it not only allows him to stay in the villa, but also provides him with the best service.
David checked the logs in the security system yesterday. He knew that General Longfellow would sometimes come over on weekends. There were still two days before the weekend. He decided to go and see the situation of the ‘Federal Command’ before making a plan. .
He came here without any plan at all, everything was improvised.
It is actually the safest to wait for Admiral Longfellow in the villa, but according to the security log of this villa, Admiral Longfellow does not come here every weekend. This unknown makes him unable to fully pin his hopes on it. on top of this.
After David finished his meal, the robot nanny came over to put away the tableware. He came to the mirror and looked at his face carefully.
The face shown in the mirror is not David’s original face. His face has been simply disguised. This is an ability he found from the many knowledge orbs in the shadow server that he thought were useless.
‘Makeup (70% proficiency)’, this ability has no effect on David, but it has an effect on him at this time.
Although his professional-level ‘make-up’ ability still has some flaws, it is enough to hide his original appearance.
His face is the same as that of the owner of his fake ID bracelet. Of course, his fake ID bracelet will definitely be discovered while walking in the living area.
David checked and found nothing wrong with the makeup on his face, so he opened the room and walked out.
When he walked out of the guest room, Mrs. Meredith turned around and walked towards the dining room. Mrs. Meredith’s body blocked the eyes of Luke and Major General Angus, and he just passed by the hall in a grand manner.
When he came to the garage, there were many hover cars in the garage. He chose one and got into it.
/The hovercars here are all privileged vehicles. Although Admiral Ross is dead, the owner of these hovercars, Mrs. Meredith, is still the daughter of Admiral Longfellow, and her status is still extremely noble.
/Therefore, the floating cars here will not be subject to any inspection and can move freely in the living area.
The garage door opens and the hover car drives out of the garage.
At this time, the robot nanny also served drinks to several people, perfectly blocking the view of several people in the restaurant.
As David sits in the hover ca