l him.

Wang Meng was knocked back again and his body was covered in blood. The battle in the temple rarely turned out to be such a tragic situation.
The whole audience was silent, and Wang Meng stood up again, admitting defeat?
If you recognize it once, you will recognize it for the rest of your life.
I would rather die standing than live lying down.
A layer of golden light appeared in Duan Tianya, and he raised it high—kill~~~~
Duan Tianya faced the Sacrifice Sword, and Ning Zhiyuan snorted coldly, “Seeking death!”
Ning Zhiyuan suddenly took two steps back, but this time Wang Meng did not retreat.
Five Elements Sword Technique: Five Elements of Gold – Create something out of nothing.
Duan Tianya carries strong attack power, the most violent of the five elements, the Five Elements Gold.
Boom boom boom
With three consecutive sword blows, Ning Zhiyuan was sent flying. The third sword broke through Ning Zhiyuan’s defense and hit him in the left rib.
Facing Wang Meng who was coming to kill him, Ning Zhiyuan shouted loudly and activated his sacrificial sword!
Man and sword merge into one, boom
With every collision, ripples of Yuanli swayed in all directions, and their bodies were shaken apart, but they were killed together almost at the same time, getting faster and faster, becoming more and more violent. A ferocious vortex of Yuanli appeared on the fighting stage. .
It is indescribable and unimaginable that such a situation would occur in a great competition between disciples.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on the energy waves on the fighting stage, and they could only see two blurry figures and their roars.
Wang Meng will not give up. He does not know what giving up means. He came to the temple after all the hardships and survived the catastrophe, and he will not change himself!
Ning Zhiyuan’s sacrificial sword is equally fierce. He has dominated the Jiufantang Hall for many years, and he will never fall!
The two figures rolled out from the air waves and staggered after landing. Ning Zhiyuan had long lost his calm attitude, and his body was also covered with scars, but this state was the Ning Zhi who sacrificed his life back then. Far.
Sacrifice yourself with the sword and fight until death.
Wang Meng smiled. It felt so damn good. He even liked Ning Zhiyuan a little bit.
Ning Zhiyuan has not killed so happily for a long time. After so many years, Wang Meng is the number one
The two of them looked up to the sky and laughed almost at the same time, killing each other and bombarding each other again. Only one person can stand here!
Or Ning Zhiyuan dominates the temple.
Either Wang Meng emerges from nowhere and creates an immortal legend.
The six patriarchs also kept nodding. Wang Meng’s almost unreasonable domineering and Ning Zhiyuan’s comprehensiveness are enough to become the future pillars of the temple.
/The Holy Church needs Ning Zhiyuan’s steady strength, and it also needs Wang Meng’s arrogant and wild energy. The Holy Church needs passion.
The disci