And this guy has dual gods and turned into a mortal
what is this?
What he was looking forward to was the invincible power of those gods, the power that could make his heart beat, but this was such a scumbag in front of him!
Wang Tian stood quietly and looked at Wang Meng, “You know, you are the person who makes me the most angry in this world. It seems that I need to help you realize the importance of strength. Both I and Mo Shan have found it.” The essence of power, and you are actually obsessed with those nonsense things of mortals. Without power, you are nothing!”
Nothing could really make Wangtian so angry. It was like he had been looking forward to it for a long time. He just thought he was satisfied when he opened it and saw that the gift box was empty.
Wangtian looked at Feishengzhong, “I am too kind. Mingren can be reincarnated. I think he has some potential, but these people are worthless!”
Mingren can take the ruthless path, and the Holy Light Demon collapses and enters reincarnation again. No matter what happens, it will add another variable to this world.
He is also the only one who can enter the eyes of Wang Meng, but if he kills these people, he will kill them. They are all ants and nothingness. He wants Wang Meng to understand what despair is.
Once you experience the feeling of despair, you will understand what the true Tao is.
Heaven is ruthless!
Waiting for death is the most painful, especially in this situation. Although entering reincarnation is dangerous, it is still an opportunity for the monks, but once they are killed, they will disappear. This is terrible.
Although Wantian is thousands of miles apart, it is as if we are right in front of you
The eyes have been fixed on Hu Jing, Zhang Xiaojiang and Yang Ying
He has lost his patience. Kill them all and let this disappointment go to hell.
Wangtian stretched out his hand and patted the three of them. Zhang Xiaojiang gritted his teeth and rushed forward, “Shoot your bird!”
Even in the face of Wangtian, Zhang Xiaopang boldly threw out his motto
But, he can only be heroic
Suddenly, there was an explosion
Wang Tian received a heavy punch on the face and fell back a few steps.
The world suddenly became quiet
That huge hand also disappeared from space
Everyone was shocked, Wang Tian was punched
Blood trickled down from the corners of Wangtian’s mouth. It had a strange and unfamiliar taste.
I haven’t experienced this for a long, long time
/Wang Meng appeared, indeed a little embarrassed. He was directly thrown thousands of meters underground just now, and he took a bath from the pool and lava.
After tearing off his tattered clothes, Wang Meng had a smile on his face. It was so satisfying.
“Wangtian, why are you so anxious? I’m just taking a shower!”
Wang Meng hooked his hands and said, “It’s officially begun!”
Wang Tian’s eyes flashed, Wang Meng’s strength had improved again compared to before.
With one punch, the sky was full of power, and Wang Meng rushed forward unceremoniously. With the sound of the ear