y very late, so he could only find a corner to sit in the back.

Several more people came one after another, and a man wearing a blue starry sky robe walked in. This man’s clothes were very strange, like a starry sky engraved with stars, and a blue light was as gorgeous as the Milky Way.
The middle-aged man calmly swept across the audience, and everyone’s situation became clear in an instant.
After he came in, all the disciples calmed down. Anyone who can wear such a star robe means that he is from the Star Alliance, and who is a member of the Star Alliance?
/In the temple, Sword God Xue Zhongnan is, and there are several ancestors who are. To become a member of the Star Alliance, unless you reach the Great Perfection and automatically become a member of the Star Alliance, otherwise, even if you are an ancestor, it depends on your level, not who you are. Anyone with Yuan Li can become a member of the Star Alliance.
The lower the level, the more difficult it is to become a member of the Covenant, but the more potential and talent are shown.
Undoubtedly, this is a supreme honor.
Judging age based on appearance is obviously only of some reference value in the world of cultivation, but this person is probably not more than a hundred years old and becoming a member of the Star Alliance is definitely considered young and promising.
“Hello everyone, I am your soul mentor Shan Lin. Welcome to Cultivation Academy. The fact that you are sitting here means that all of you here are the leaders of the younger generation in your world. There is no doubt that you are already qualified to stand at the top. character.”
Shan Lin said gently, his faint smile giving people a sense of satisfaction, and his words immediately inspired everyone’s pride.
Yes, they are indeed the strongest at their respective levels. In their own world and their own sect, they are all kings and overlords of the younger generation.
Shan Lin did not stop the commotion below, but allowed them to vent.
Ning Zhiyuan arrived early, with his head lowered and his eyes still solemn.
Mingren and Li Tianyi were sitting together. Mingren smiled slightly and whispered: “It’s time to give up.”
Shan Lin raised his hand to signal for silence, “But when you arrive at the Cultivation Academy, please forget the glory and glory of the past. Not only that, the techniques and spell concepts you have learned before can also be completely discarded. The degree to which you learn new spells will be determined. The degree also determines the future, including life and death.
Immediately, there was another discussion among the disciples below. Through Star Ring, they had already learned about the rules of the Cultivation Academy. Some of them came early and had to adapt to it for a while. They felt that if there was no cruel victory rate of more than half, this place would be a paradise for cultivation.
“Excuse me, mentor, if we can’t achieve more than half of the winning rate in one year, will we really die?”
a young man asked.
Shan Lin looked at the young man, “Never