which was just a delay for this moment. Wang Meng’s eyes opened

Tongtian punched out
This is with everyone’s will!
rumble rumble
The three realms are reborn or destroyed in tremors
After the Battle of Gods, the Three Realms entered an unprecedented period of prosperity.
The largest religious church in the world has established the path to ascension to the three realms
The selection is still not harsh, but the outstanding ones from the Small Thousand Realm can ascend to the Middle Thousand Realm. The outstanding ones from the Middle Thousand Realm can ascend to the Great Thousand Realm. There will still be catastrophes, and the process is not harsh, but every monk can feel this. news arrived
Is the Great Thousand World the end?
Of course not, the Great Thousand Realm is the most difficult, because what the top monks in the Great Thousand Realm have to challenge is to return to the Small Thousand Realm
Because in order to become a god, you must go through this process, but this is only a possibility, but Wang Meng showed all the monks that this is a feasible process.
The first god finally appeared in the Three Realms
That battle also became a legend
But is the way to God so simple?
From Wang Meng’s experience, we can see how difficult it is to become a god. Moreover, can one become a god in the same way?
This is a problem for others. Apart from anything else, just the reincarnation from the Great Thousand Realm back to the Small Thousand Realm is enough to knock down most people.
However, what humans fear is not difficulties, but lack of direction.
Wang Meng is the first, but definitely not the last
In Xiaoqianjie, Zhao Lingxuan has ascended, and her replacement is Cheng Cheng
Cheng Cheng is called a depressed person. She really can’t stand being restrained, especially when a group of people are waiting for her to speak, so it only takes a few minutes for her to take over the meeting.
“Sister Ying gave birth!”
“Guess it’s a boy or a girl?” Yue Shan laughed.
“Girl!” Cheng Cheng said nonchalantly
“Ai, how do you know?”
/“Bad men will give birth to girls, his lover in the previous life” Cheng Chengzhe
Yue Shan was stunned. The little witch is the little witch. What kind of theory is this?
But this is indeed a matter for the three worlds to celebrate together.
Wang Meng looked at Yang Ying tenderly. Wang Meng owed her a lot, and this was Yang Ying’s only wish.
At this moment, Yang Ying is the happiest woman in the world
daughter of god
This girl is extremely cute, and she has received all the love and beauty from the world since she was born.
The big eyes are extremely beautiful, and every blink makes Hu Jing, Zhang Xiaojiang and others happy.
“It’s incredible, my task will be very heavy in the future.” Zhang Xiaopang suddenly said seriously, “Our little princess will definitely be a great beauty in the future. Just dealing with the people who come to propose marriage is exhausting.”
“Come on, with your eyes, stand aside!” Hu Jing picked up the little princess and gently stroked her little