Being too strong is also a problem. For people like neither old nor young, you can see some. But if you can’t see through it, you just don’t dare to play.

The Holy Temple is getting closer to the top four, becoming more and more unsolvable and evil.
The terrifying Suo Ming, the incomprehensible Zhou Qian, and now the beast god and of course the unfathomable Wang Meng.
Formed the Invincible Temple.
Then the legend. This is only a small part of the church, what kind of sect is this.
Many people have made a mistake, thinking that the Holy Church wants to compete in the world of cultivation. Their vision is too low. How can they understand the power of the Holy Church.
Wang Meng looked around and saw that no one from the three conferences was anywhere, so Wang Meng was not worried. He is not afraid of trouble, he is afraid of nothing.
If he was most interested in it, it was the two bald heads.
A circus of dice.
The eyes of Shu Keqi and Wang Meng collided inadvertently, but Wang Meng saw a provocative light in Shu Keqi’s eyes.
This is a person who dares to bet against the law of heaven, and there must be something interesting.
The Holy Church defeated the Eternal Immortal Group, establishing its current position as the number one favorite.
The Half-Dead and Half-Alive Group and the Holy Temple both showed their skills readily, and now it was the third group’s turn, equally evenly matched.
The Sky Boom crew versus the dice-throwing circus.
obviously. This is also the highlight in everyone’s mind.
No matter which one of these two taboo groups has the strength to be the best in the world.
When they collide, who will advance and who will be knocked off the altar?
Wu Huo stood up directly and came to the center of the battlefield, with the aura of a strong man fighting remaining. Her fighting spirit was even more intense, and her body was ignited with flames.
/Jingyun and Jingkong were not present at the dice-throwing circus. There are only two people, Shu Qingqing and Jue Buqi.
Shu Buqi touched his chin, and the beauty sent across the street said, “You know, Jue Bu Bet.”
Jue Buqian shrugged his shoulders and went up to them indifferently. No matter whether they were beautiful or ugly, men or women were all the same in his eyes, and pink and pink were no more than skeletons.
Wu Huo glanced at Jue Bu Gambling, and the flames on his body slowly converged. This was to condense every ounce of power that could be used. Fire is wild and unrestrained, but it is necessary to restrain the fire to the extreme before releasing it. , so that the power of fire can be brought into full play.
The fire of Wuhuo, the introverted law, is not a magic method, nor a law, but the echo of heaven in the dark, as if Wuhuo is no longer a monk at this moment, but a heavenly fire that represents the fire of heaven. messenger.
“Spirit, god, spiritual fire, divine fire, heavenly fire, spiritual fire and seven fires unite into one, planting fire to purify the world.”
On Wuhuo’s body, a spiritual voice chanted. This was not a human vo