ore than double that used to identify the rebirth elixir.

What kind of pill is this?
Lu Zhengbin’s expression became more and more solemn, and Feng Lei Zheng Dan’s energy exploded!
All around, the monks finally realized that something was wrong. If it was really a useless elixir, how could Lu Zhengbin spend so long on identifying it and just declare it a useless elixir?
“Feng Lei, this is Grandmaster Lu using a higher level of alchemy appraisal.”
/“How could it be possible? Even the heaven-defying elixir like the Good Fortune Rebirth Pill is just using ordinary elixir identification techniques.”
At this time, a monk recognized the changes in Lu Zhengbin’s alchemy skills.
The head of the Mo family, who was taunting Zhou Qian, changed his color as if he had eaten a fly, and his face was twitching and losing his composure. The other family heads surrounding him had different expressions, and their eyes were full of surprise and uncertainty. However, they had no time to notice his gaffe, and instead focused their gaze on the appraisal table.
The Alchemy Array is condensing wave after wave of power, and the more powerful Feng Lei Zheng Dan Qi is constantly flowing from Lu Zhengbin’s hands to the array, urging the aura of the array to penetrate deeper into the elixir.
“This can’t be a low-level elixir. It’s so powerful that it even requires Master Lu to persuade him to use a higher level of Feng Lei Zheng Dan Qi. How can it be a low-level elixir?”
The head of the Mo family seemed to have found a breakthrough and suddenly shouted loudly.
Ye Tong glanced at the head of the Mo family indifferently. He also had the same suspicion in his heart. It was very possible that what Zhou Qian refined was a high-level elixir that only monks above the Tianlun realm could take. It was even possible that Even the Heavenly Wheel Realm cannot be used.
Although Lu Zhengbin is not a member of the Alchemy Alliance, he has a very in-depth cooperation with the Alchemy Alliance. Ye Tong has seen Lu Zhengbin’s alchemy skills many times, and some of the best high-level elixirs did not cost this much. It’s time to go to appraise elixirs.
However, Ye Tong finally took Zhou Qian seriously. In any case, in Elder Ye Tong’s impression, there was no one other than the Three Immortals who could make Lu Zhengbin appraise elixirs in such a manner.
Zhan Yuan Pavilion, Meng Guangru and other pro-shengtang aristocratic families were all stunned and speechless at this time. Wasn’t the result coming out too slow?
in fact
Lu Zhengbin is the most shocked person!
Bastard, what kind of elixir is this? His Feng Lei Zheng Dan Qi is ten times more difficult to penetrate than identifying other elixirs.
However, he felt a warm and friendly aura from the unique elixir appraisal array, which initially proved that this gray elixir was indeed a low-level elixir that any monk could take. Pill.
Just trying to display its elixir value is too laborious!
There were faint drops of sweat on his forehead. Lu Zhengbin was heartbroken and waved a more profound magic