ve exceeded the one million mark. If this cannot overcome Tai Su’s will, he will wait and continue to develop for three to five months, and he will definitely be able to avenge his shame.

Different from Lu Bei’s indifference, the Iron Curtain City remained silent. More than 99% of the human monks saw the true appearance of the first generation Demon King for the first time. While frightened, they secretly thought that this trip was worthwhile.
Also, the first-generation Demon King was so powerful that the human race trembled under his lustful power without any shame.
The reputation of the first-generation Demon Emperor as invincible resounded throughout the world. Even if they were of different races and positions, Taisu still had unparalleled charm among the human race. Many young ladies with weak willpower blushed and lowered their heads with their hearts beating.
Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly, looking half asleep, as if he didn’t pay attention to Tai Su’s will. This successfully attracted Tai Su’s will. The corners of his mouth slightly raised, and he subconsciously clenched his fists.
“Your Majesty, this is Lu Bei, the leader of the Human Celestial Sword Sect. He practices Immortal Sword Intent and inherited it from the Immortal Sword Master’s Abandonment Sutra. Like Your Majesty, that person has the reputation of being invincible.” Zhan Hen introduced.
There was one emperor and eight kings of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, all of whom were of different origins and races, and received different levels of attention from Tai Su. It was impossible to expect the Hunjun to be able to drink a bowl of water. The most favored one was the juicy nine-tailed fox. , followed by the mount Gu Diao, and finally Lu Wu and Prisoner Niu.
Taisu is a monster who attaches great importance to fate, the fate of his eyes.
If you don’t have the skin to pick one out of ten thousand, don’t expect him to come down and study interesting souls. As half-orcs who advocate primitive beauty, Lu Wu and Qiu Niu have a painting style that is too animalistic. At first glance, they lack interesting souls, so they rarely appear in the harem.
/The vixens are different. Taisu strives for excellence and confirms that their souls are extremely interesting, and gives them three pictures of the Demon King as a reward. The remaining emperors and eight kings depend on their mood, and depending on the amount of willpower invested, the time of drawing, and the strength of each demon emperor picture is very different.
The three demon emperor pictures in the vixen’s hand are the strongest. The demon emperor diagram of the Zhanhen clan was obtained by Tiger Jiao, one of the first eight kings. It was obtained through deception and abduction. Its strength is in the middle range, not as good as the vixen but stronger than the orcs.
Xuan Ren was still making awkward gestures, and Tai Su was a little impatient. He waved his hand to stop the chatter and looked at Lu Bei intently: “Human sword cultivator, I think it’s not easy for you to practice. I won’t d