hat when he went back, he would beg his father to pay more attention to this case and find out the person who wanted to attack David.

As for the fact that they were involved because of David, no one mentioned it. Just looking at David’s selfless help to them during the accident, there was no need to care about the cause of the matter.
“David, I put the gun here!” Myron placed the replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ next to the hall, and then continued: “It’s a pity that I didn’t take the risk with you today!”
/“Myron, that’s not a good experience. Look at DeQuincy, he’s so seriously injured!” David said angrily.
“It’s different. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring the war hammer, otherwise I could show off my skills!” Myron was envious of David’s killing spree today.
“School starts in less than ten days. What are your plans?” David asked, changing the subject.
The last half semester of his senior year of high school was about to begin, and David was hesitant to stop studying at all and instead hit the basic standards of a soldier.
Anyway, with his strength and speed, coupled with his mastery of various weapons, he can directly enter Na’an University without needing any favors from Galen.
“How else can we plan to go to get out of class on time every day? My father will not let me become a special being in the school!” Myron said helplessly when it came to class.
David thought about his abilities in literature (3% proficient), mathematics (5% proficient), and comprehensive (51% basic). It would be a pity if he just gave up.
Although I didn’t study it myself, I still feel sorry for the people who died in the impact and explosion if I didn’t take it seriously. Maybe I should use a serious college entrance examination to pay homage to those who gave their souls to him.
The most important thing is that several of his combat abilities have reached the limit of mastery. Ordinary practice cannot improve them. Even his body has reached a bottleneck period and cannot break through in a short time.
Currently, he only needs to practice the Eighteen Movements of Taishu once in the morning and evening, so he has a lot of time to spare.
/“Me too, I plan to study cultural knowledge in the next semester and get a good score in the exam!” David said with a smile when he thought of this.
“Really or not, I know your cultural scores. Although you can pass, you are far from a good university. Your participation in the cultural exam will definitely become your biggest stain!” Myron shook his head and laughed.
He had checked David’s previous grades. Those grades could only be admitted to an ordinary university at most. Compared with David’s fighting talent, Myron did not believe that David was also talented in learning.
“How about we compare and see who has a higher college entrance examination score?” David looked at Myron and said with a smile.
“What bet?” Myron’s eyes lit up and he looked at the replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ and asked.
The meaning couldn’t be clearer, but he didn’t think about how David could bet if he wasn’t sure.