This is also the most precious place of this Yuanshi jade bead.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s growing personal power gradually leveling off, Daojun Yuzhuo felt a little envious in his eyes.
She was really envious. The fortune of this Earth Emperor Daojun was beyond her imagination.
But she quickly calmed down and asked casually.
“Friend Earth Emperor, how are you going to deal with Wujie and Heavenly Sin?!”
At this time, the concubine of the Nanliang Palace and the little prince transformed by the Demon God of Sin were still within Zhang Jian’s map of the country.
Zhang Jian pondered slightly.
“Wujie suppresses it first, I have another wonderful use for this demon god!”
“As for heavenly sins, if they are cultivated well, they may not be able to transform into demons and enter the Tao. In the future, there will be an innate and sacred protector god under you!”
Although Tian Sin was formed from an innate demon fetus, he was born to control the original sin in the world, and he can be called the original sin demon.
But in Zhang Jian’s view, he only controls the power of heaven and earth, or the ancestral energy of heaven and earth that comes with it is a bit special. As long as you uphold the Taoist heart, you can still convert to the right way.
Yuzhuo Daojun smiled slightly.
“I hope he can live up to fellow Taoist’s hard work!”
After a slight pause, she said again.
“So what are you going to do next, Mr. Dao? Continue to perfect the remaining grand ambitions?”
Zhang Jian nodded.
Every time he perfects a great ambition, his Qinglian Savior Taoist status will be improved a little.
You will also gradually gain the favor of heaven from a part of the fairy world, which is also part of the process of saving the world.
/Zhang Jian said immediately.
“Next, I plan to stabilize the roots of the earth and perfect the water element that is lacking in the world. It just so happens that fellow Taoist Yuzhuo can also obtain the status of the Taoist Jellyfish in this world. This way, we can put things right and be more confident!”
Daojun Yuzhuo was startled, and she glanced at Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian smiled at this time.
“Fellow Taoist Yuzhuo, you and I have cooperated to this extent. You don’t want to deny it, do you?”
Daojun Yuzhuo glanced at Zhang Jian and said in a deep voice.
“I asked myself that I hid it very well and didn’t reveal any flaws. Where did fellow Taoist see it?!”
Zhang Jian glanced at her and said.
“When I was competing with my fellow Taoist, I had some doubts. My Taoist conduct was more magnificent and resilient than I imagined. However, I was not sure at the time. After all, it was the secret method that could make the conduct far surpass that of other Taoists. , or it may be a treasure, there are many empties in the sky!”
“But what I really guess is this trip!”
Yuzhuo Daojun already had some idea in his mind, but he still asked.
“I asked myself during this trip that I didn’t reveal any flaws. I didn’t even make a move, so how could I see it?”
/Zhang Jian smiled.
“I believe that the secret