there is only one truth.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and the Buddha’s light flickered in his eyes, which was one of the six magical powers of Buddhism: Heavenly Eyes: “Master Lu of Tianjian Sect, you are still here.”
Tu Yuan’s expression suddenly changed, like a frightened quail, his round eyes widened, not daring to take a breath.
“It’s really you.”
King Yuanji sighed with emotion, he just said, there is no reason why a mere evil spirit would beat him to the point of being unable to resist, so it would be reasonable if he were replaced by Lu Bei.
/The clairvoyance failed to see through the black-striped mask on ‘Tu Yuan”s face, and King Yuanji didn’t care either. Di Tu raccoon understood Xinyue Fox and confirmed that the person in front of him was Lu Bei of the Tianjian Sect.
Tu Yuan looked around with sweat on his forehead. In horror, everyone looked like Lu Bei was pretending.
Not intending to fight, she took out the magic weapon of intertwining lives, the “Two Worlds Vase” with her backhand. The mouth of the bottle was full of two-colored fish, which disrupted the five elements and turned people’s hearts upside down.
Two rays of light, one black and one white, swept across, King Yuanji staggered, the golden light in his eyes dissipated and turned into darkness, and he knelt down on one knee like a drunken man.
“My master, please bow to me!”
The arena fell silent for an instant, and the monks on both sides of Xuanlong and Xiongchu lost their voices in shock. King Yuanji’s sudden bow was far more shocking than when he was knocked away by Tu Yuan’s punch.
Looking at the Mahayana relic on King Yuanji’s head that protected his mind, both sides were in disbelief.
“No way, the three moves are over, who will he show it to?”
Lu Bei opened his mouth wide and thought about it. King Yuanji’s acting was too intense and the scene was too literary, so he didn’t understand it very well.
His sleeve was tugged, and he turned around in confusion. Next to him was Zhao Wuyou, who looked aggrieved.
Is it too late to call now?
“Look at what this sect master did. He gave you a useless opportunity. He said that he had a great chance of winning. You don’t believe it.” Lu Bei pulled back his sleeves and wiped away the cold sweat with lingering fear. Who would have thought that this would be a battle without any suspense. King Yuanji actually faked the match.
No wonder everyone swears to be sworn in with gambling and drug addiction, it is really harmful to people!
When Lu Bei returned to the sight of the Black-winged Golden-Eyed Eagle, Tu Yuan smeared his feet and ran away to nowhere. King Yuanji leaned on Xuanlong’s side with his dark eyes pointing at Xiongchu and yelling, vowing to kill his sister Gu Yuan. Screen out and die.
“I see, this sect leader has figured it out!”
/Lu Bei sorted out the clues and saw through the truth hidden behind it. King Yuanji had a bald head, but his hair was white before being shaved, and Xuanlong was an undercover agent lurking in Xiongchu’s motorcade.
Suddenly, a Bu