I’m shaved.”

“Tsk tsk, you must drink today, be good, or else my brother will feed you!”
Arhat’s face turned green immediately and he drank up the wine quickly. It was so terrible.
The crowd burst into laughter.
Yan Yuyue is also very strange. In the past year or so, Ba Tiantang has prepared a large amount of resources for her advancement. She is one step away from reaching the Small Perfection. It is only a matter of time before she advances. The key is to see whether she can impact the life weapon, her life. There is already a weapon soul in the sea, and there is a certain degree of certainty.
Yan Yuyue knew very well that the Holy Church had always been at a disadvantage in terms of resources, especially in the current situation. If Wang Meng had an unexpected encounter and broke through Little Perfection, who was his destiny? Or an icon?
Is it possible that he is one of the ten holy bodies like Akito?
It is extremely rare for one sect to have two holy bodies, even among the ten sects.
And a level like Sifang Xiaoqianjie has never appeared at all.
“Ugetsu, have a drink.”
Lu Buhui and Li Lishang said that they were most moved by the fact that when they followed Yan Yuyue to the temple and stayed at the critical moment, it was all for Yan Yuyue. The two of them admired Yan Yuyue, but they knew that what Yan Yuyue liked was what they saw in front of them. people.
It’s a pity, I’m afraid it’s the same as the falling flowers and the flowing water.
Wang Meng is also a very good brother, but not a very good lover.
/Four hundred and three photos are correct.
Fortunately, Yan Yuyue is not the kind who puts feelings first.
Yan Yuyue smiled slightly and drank with the two of them, “Have you made any progress in your weapon soul training?”
Lu Buhui and Li Lishang smiled bitterly, “It still doesn’t work. The elders of the sect are also thinking of ways. If it doesn’t work in the end, they will forcefully plant a fake weapon soul and try their luck.”
Fake weapon souls are a method devised by various sects, and are specially prepared for the elite disciples within the sect. When reaching the stage of Small Perfection, if no weapon soul appears, a fake weapon soul will be created in the sea of ??life through magic, hoping that it can be concealed.
There are really successful ones, to say the least, even if they fail and cannot refine the life weapon, they can still have a good magical weapon.
“What do you think Wang Meng has?”
The two looked at each other. This is really a problem. The only one who can directly become a member of the Star Alliance is one who has the icon…
One door and two saints?
This is too exaggerated. Is the church a specialist in icons?
The chance is not even one in ten million…
Everyone was so happy that they ignored this point, but if the person involved didn’t talk about it, it wouldn’t be easy for others to ask.
“Calling, yelling, yelling, what are you calling, a bunch of country bumpkins, you think this is at home!”
Everyone in the church was drinking happily when th