But think about it, Han Chuxue’s status is very different from Pang Hong’s. Over the years, Han Chuxue has been almost a symbol of the Soul Controlling Association, and she knows too much, so she didn’t leave just because she wanted to.

Han Chuxue’s action undoubtedly brought a challenge to Wang Meng, but Wang Meng had no intention of escaping from the difficult problem given by the Saint of the Nine Heavens.
“Since there are guests visiting, let’s go. Let’s go and have a look.”
Wang Meng stood up.
“Sect Master, let me take care of them!” Suo Ming said solemnly.
The words of Thor. It was obvious that he was bragging, even if it was the Soul Controlling Association, unless the Three Immortals came in person, Suo Ming really didn’t care.
“Don’t be quick to fight and kill. Stay calm. Let’s go out and have a look. Maybe they’ll come to congratulate you.”
/Master Wang was in a very good mood. In fact, he had no bad reasons. This kind of small problem was not a big deal in the eyes of Master Wang.
The news of Yu Linghui’s action quickly spread throughout Haojing. People who knew him, people he didn’t know, people from the Zhou Dynasty, and people from outside all came to see the excitement.
Especially the people outside. When Yu Ling meets the descendant of the cloud and runs away with a man, Yu Ling will indeed crackle. They also want to see what kind of Wang Meng is this man who took away the most beautiful woman in the world. .
Just seeing the lineup at the door, Han Chuxue was slightly startled. She never expected that the Yuling Society would actually launch such a large formation.
The four spiritual masters under the president of the Soul Controlling Association personally took action. These were four masters of the God Transformation Realm, and they also led the law enforcement monks of the Soul Controlling Association. All of them were experienced in hundreds of battles.
Even with the God of Thunder sitting in charge, he still wouldn’t be able to handle it.
As a core member of the Soul Controlling Association, Han Chuxue is more aware of the strength of these four people. Although they are not as famous as Qi Jue, their strength is not bad.
The most important thing is that Han Chuxue doesn’t know whether Wang Meng’s strength has recovered or to what extent it can be restored. After all, in Han Chuxue’s memory, he doesn’t know the state Wang Meng has reached, and even if he reaches the top, coming to Zhongqian Realm is another level. Something happened.
Although there was a big fuss, the final solution lies with Han Chuxue.
The leading spiritual master looked at Han Chuxue with a serious expression, “Han Chuxue, look back now and forget about your past achievements. Otherwise, no one can protect you!”
The entire team was ready to go, but Han Chuxue’s escape caused all her followers to be detained. No one could protect him at this time.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Hey, who are you, shouting at other people’s gates?”
The spiritual master seemed to have just seen Wang Meng, “I am Feng Duo, one of the