hting spirit and ferocious aura, and his whole body turned into a wild beast, having discovered his prey.

Wang Meng shook his head slightly, leaving Zhang Yang speechless, “You’d better promise me, otherwise the trouble will continue.”
/“You are no match for me. When you reach a certain level, I can help you with a few moves.”
After saying that, Wang Meng left. In reality, he and Zhang Yang had a fight, but here, he was the master.
“Brother Jin Lang, you are too arrogant, I am Zhang Yang!”
Zhang Yang tried to stop Jin Lang again with a flash, but suddenly his face changed drastically. His body didn’t move, and his body was frozen, just in a trance for a moment.
/Wang Meng’s figure had gone away, and Zhang Yang knelt on one knee, breathing heavily and getting soaked.
What happened to that power just now? ? ?
At this time, Master Wang had already left the space of the gods, and his true energy was really not enough to consume. After killing three minions in the ten-story tower, the consumption was still huge.
Wang Meng also had a wonderful harvest. After breaking through ten levels of space in a row, he received a wonderful reward. It was unknown whether it was provided by the God Conferred Tower or by the monk who created the God Conferred Tower.
At the moment of completion, a magic circle was activated, and a young monk in white clothes appeared. This monk said that he could possess a magic weapon, which would be improved as he advanced in the God-conferring Tower.
Wang Meng himself did not rely on magic weapons, he cultivated himself, but at that time, the image of a temple appeared inexplicably in his mind, and then the young monk disappeared, leaving behind a miniature “temple”.
At this time, the holy temple was quietly placed in Wang Meng’s hand. Wang Meng turned over and looked at it. It was exactly the same, but it was shrunk. It contained the fluctuations of the five elements of gold. Wang Meng really couldn’t put it down. Seeing this , there are strong memories in it.
The five little guys were also released. As long as Wang Meng is fine now, he will not let them in the spirit container. They are free outside.
The four little guys looked a little tired due to consumption, but they were much better due to the advanced level. They stared at the temple in Wang Meng’s hands with interest.
The Golden Horned Ape also came over. As soon as he approached the temple, the Golden Horned Ape suddenly became energetic and narrowed his eyes, feeling quite enjoying it.
Wang Meng pressed the temple against Xiao Ju, and the little guy’s expression became even better, and the loss of the five elements was also rapidly recovering.
Wang Meng was thinking about other things, why the five elements were missing.
Any form is just an existence and cannot represent the essence. If the five elements are missing, does it mean that there are really no five elements?
This question appeared in Wang Meng’s mind and aroused Wang Meng’s great interest.
The Five Elements are one of the highest natural laws in the creation of t