top of the instrument, so as not to occupy the palace of your magic power and affect your future practice!”

The art of soul transfer is extremely mysterious. It is divided into three steps. The first is to melt the soul, and then to raise the ghost and refine the ghost.
In the end, there is only one direction, which is to turn it into a tool, so as to avoid being backlashed by the evil ghost.
There are two artifacts, namely the Soul Reverend Flag or the Blood Cloud Flag.
The inheritance of these two artifacts is complete.
Turn this into a natal magic weapon.
Once accomplished, one can refine gods and demons, which is very formidable.
Compared with some of the major magical weapons inherited from the Holy Mountain Taoism, its power is not inferior, and it is unique in terms of killing.
But in Bai Xianyin’s view, these techniques can only be used as supplementary techniques. They may be able to be practiced in the future, but not now.
She further advised: “In addition, the soul of Fengling Ghost King is too strong. Even if you successfully condense the soul-melting seal, I’m afraid you won’t be able to suppress the backlash in it. However, the psychic seal in it is very good. You can fight it first.” Establishing a psychic seal and sensing the status of this ghost king in real time may be beneficial to our next actions!”
Zhang Jian nodded when he heard this.
The answer was not unexpected.
Not too disappointed!
In fact, he didn’t hold out much hope, he was just testing it out a few times, if it worked, that would be fine. If it didn’t work, he would look for other spirit ghosts in the future!
/We are about to enter a serious Taoist tradition like Tongshan, so there is no need to forcibly smelt this Phoenix Spirit Ghost King.
As for the soul-melting seal mentioned by Bai Xianyin, the psychic seal refers to the two soul-controlling methods in the first step of the soul-sending technique.
The soul-melting seal forcibly controls.
The psychic seal means that both parties are equal. The two can communicate with each other through a spiritual seal and strengthen their connection.
This is a gentler way of raising animals.
The two of them made up their minds to save the Phoenix Spirit Ghost King, and immediately began to make active preparations.
Bai Xianyin went to investigate the environment inside the cave.
Zhang Jian took out the jade tablet and prepared to practice to a psychic seal first.
The psychic seal is a small technique and not difficult to master.
Similar to the group of heretics in Huolingguan who have never measured fate and built foundations, they can easily succeed, and for Zhang Jian, there is no difficulty at all.
After half a day.
A wisp of invisible spiritual energy circulated in the cave at the belly of the mountain. The invisible spiritual light gathered around Zhang Jian and instantly turned into a milky white invisible mark between his hands intertwined in front of him.
After a moment, the seal in his hand changed slightly, and a more complex pure white mark appeared.
/The mark t