a headache.

At the same time, I was still cursing secretly.
That person was only responsible for lighting the fire, not extinguishing it, but he harmed other major forces in the Stone Dragon Heaven Realm.
Chapter 823: Windfall, soaring fortune
On the periphery of the Shilong Heaven Realm, a purple-yellow fairy light circulated, and in an instant it escaped into the outer layer of the void in the heavens.
Zhang Jian’s true body emerged from the void of the dimension.
At this time, as far as his eyes could see, he could see a magnificent Yuanshi Demonic Ring covering the Shilong Heavenly Realm.
The heavy Yuanshi Demonic Ring seemed to envelop the entire Shilong Heaven Realm in it.
The time, space, destiny, and even the rules of the great avenues of the world of Shilong and Heaven seem to be trapped in the invisible original rules formed by the original magic ring.
If the ancient demon from the Nine Netherworld is willing, he can even seal off the entire Stone Dragon Heaven in a short period of time.
The Heavenly Way of Shilong Heaven has already been eroded by it!
However, its previous efforts were destined to be in vain.
The abyss of evil was penetrated by him and destroyed, which was like a huge cancer in the stone dragon world.
The origin of Heavenly Dao in Shilong Heaven will inevitably recover to a certain extent.
Those innate gods and the strong men of the ancient demon god clan will not give up this opportunity to regain the origin of heaven.
If the Ancient Demon of Dongming wants to drag Shilong into the heavenly realm, he must face the obstruction of the innate gods, the innate demon gods, and even the ancestors of some outside gods.
As for the final success in freeing the Stone Dragon Heaven Realm from the control of the Jiuyou Demon Realm, that is other people’s business!
At this time, Zhang Jian opened his palms, and the small Emperor’s Oven appeared, but there was a strong source of turbid evil flowing inside.
That source is very impressive.
At least it occupies nearly one-tenth of the origin of the Abyss of Evil.
It can be regarded as ruthlessly tearing off a piece of flesh from it.
/The ocean-like source of the turbid and evil abyss surges, as if it will leave the Earth Emperor’s oven at any time and return to the direction of the Stone Dragon Heaven Realm.
It vibrated as if conscious, turning into terrifying dragons and snakes.
But a moment later, the green sacrificial fire appeared on the Earth Emperor’s oven, completely igniting it in an instant.
Zhang Jian felt that in an instant, streams of the magnificent Heavenly Emperor’s origin were continuously integrated into the depths of his Niwan Palace, and then absorbed by the Innate Qinglian.
There are indeed many sources of this world.
/Even more than killing the Chaos Demon Wolf and the Golden Cicada Demon God, the two supreme level Chaos Demon Gods combined.
Deep in the Innate Green Lotus, the twelfth Innate Immortal Divine Forbidden Formation took shape at a speed visible to the naked eye.
There is even a part of the origin