Trainer Jeremy, who is wearing white light armor, is more like a soldier wearing exoskeleton armor, with almost no difference in combat power.
Trainer Jeremy’s head was like a broken watermelon, with red flesh and white brain tissue flying away, and he fell back heavily.
All his methods had no effect at all under a close-range sniper bomb.
After Jeremy’s trainer collapsed, David felt that the pinprick pain miraculously disappeared. Although his spirit was still sluggish, he was able to regain his mobility.
As if he saw something delicious, Shadow Attendant took the initiative to fly to the place where Jeremy’s trainer fell, and took a deep breath on the body, followed by the feeling that intoxicated the soul.
Even if David only felt it through part of his mind, it made him lose consciousness for ten seconds.
But he couldn’t relax now. The big problem of trainer Jeremy was solved, but the follow-up matters needed to be dealt with quickly.
Standing up unsteadily, he came to the side of trainer Jeremy and felt relieved when he saw that trainer Jeremy had lost half of his head.
Shadow Attendant had just absorbed the soul, but since he didn’t see the real death of trainer Jeremy, David was still a little uneasy.
Trainer Jeremy’s cunning and strength were something David had never seen before. Even Galen needed close-fitting armor to display his strength, unlike Trainer Jeremy, who relied entirely on himself to fight.
In particular, the powerful white light armor and white light shield made trainer Jeremy’s speed reach terrifying levels.
/Even if David thought that he was really face to face with Jeremy Trainer wearing white light armor, he might not be able to catch even one move, because before, Jeremy Trainer showed not only speed when he rushed forward, but also his speed. There is also great power.
This is just like fighting between a person without exoskeleton armor and a soldier wearing exoskeleton armor. There is a huge gap in speed and strength, so skills become worthless, not to mention trainer Jeremy’s swordsmanship. No worse than him.
“Villains die from talking too much!” David thought of this sentence inexplicably and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
He turned around and prepared to put the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation back onto the Gladstone III car. While holding the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation, he couldn’t help but smile.
Who would have thought that on both sides of the battle, his own strength was nearly a thousand kilograms, and trainer Jeremy’s strength was more than a thousand kilograms, but such a battle was ended by a hundred grams of strength.
Shadow Warrior’s 100 grams of power was just enough to pull the trigger, and he couldn’t even move the gun body a little. However, with David’s cooperation, he completed the killing blow.
After putting away the replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ that had made great achievements, David’s body also recovered some strength, and he lifted up the body of Jeremy’s trainer.
/Originally, he didn’t have to exert any effort to carry a corpse like this, but