incarnation will soon be unstoppable!

Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated, and he was not surprised deep in his heart.
It’s just a pity.
The power of Xiao Zhutian’s Reincarnation Law is far more than that. It is a creation-level Yuan Shen Immortal Law. His time to comprehend it was a bit short and he was unable to exert its full power.
Seeing that the ancestor of the Three Phases was about to break out of the ban, Zhang Jian’s huge substantial soul vibrated, countless silver starlight reflections were reflected in the depths of the void, and a purple star stood in the sky deep in the center, suppressing Zhou Tian.
The ancestor of the Three Phases has an extraordinary Taoist practice, but he is barely qualified to receive his Zhoutian Xingdou Formation.
In fact, Zhang Jian had no intention of killing the ancestor of Sanxiang. Otherwise, he would just unfold the map of mountains and rivers, and the ancestor of Sanxiang would fall down if he couldn’t support him even for a moment.
Zhang Jian looked at the vast Guangyuan City in the distance.
He currently has insufficient direct descendants, and more importantly, there is no one in Northern Chu. Otherwise, after destroying the ancestor of the Three Phases, he would be able to take control of Northern Chu.
Now, since it is impossible to swallow Beichu directly, it is undoubtedly better to leave the hungry wolf of Sanxiang Patriarch to guard it!
If this old devil is killed, it is inevitable that other well-known and upright Yuanshen real people will not come to take advantage, which will complicate the situation.
This is called “occupying a place”!
Let the Patriarch of Three Phases ‘occupy’ this position first and suppress other competitors. When you want, you can clean up the Patriarch of Three Phases from top to bottom at any time!
In the void, countless black lights exploded, and the ancestor of the Three Phases rushed out of the white hole of reincarnation holding an evil god flag with an angry face. However, he was instantly surrounded by the Zhoutian star formation, and the magnificent Zhoutian sword energy was like a storm. It fell from the void, immediately shocking the ancestor of the Three Phases.
He was in a tough fight again!
The noise in the sky above Guangyuan City is getting louder and louder!
This battle also attracted the attention of many experts in Northern Chu.
In the counties surrounding Guangyuan City, there are still many Hedao True Lords from various sects who have not left. At this time, a series of magnificent souls are watching this scene.
“Is this a tiger playing with an ox and a sheep?”
Deep in the void, three other figures looked at this scene from a distance.
The three figures have different shapes and temperaments, but they are three of the Four Immortals of the Wilderness, True Lord Gumu, True Lord Jinci, and True Lord Ape King.
The three of them have different temperaments. Gumu Zhenjun is an old man with green hair and gray beard, holding a wooden staff.
/The True Monarch of the Ape King is tall and burly, with a full beard,