u the position of Daxia.” Zuo Ziyue vomited blood again and again, trying to bear the pressure of the king’s tripod.

Even though he is a Mahayana monk, his cultivation level is not much higher than that of King Xin and Liu Shenpan, but the Human King Cauldron has an extraordinary origin and is a treasure that only exists in legends. If not for Emperor Ji’s intention, he would be exhausted and unable to move it at all. Let alone sacrifice to defend the enemy.
“When did Daxia have a phase?” Jiang Suxin dismissed it.
“Not at all. Emperor Ji has made it clear that the prime minister is the king, so that’s another matter.” Zuo Zi could no longer hold on any longer.
“It’s ridiculous. I only have Zhao Qin in my heart, and I don’t serve the two masters!”
Jiang Suxin stabilized the golden dragon of luck in her body, with golden light in her eyes. She read the Taoist scriptures with her hands, and the power of the common people gathered at her fingertips: “Besides, Daxia has long since passed away. How much power does this big cauldron still have?”
Zuo Zi swallowed a mouthful of blood with more effort, raised his hands and slapped the Human King Cauldron hard.
/The sky and the earth roared, and the small world where the Imperial City of the Capital was located collapsed instantly. The broken walls and ruins disappeared in the blink of an eye. A force so vast that it was unimaginable rushed out of the small world and wreaked havoc on the chessboard of heaven and earth, submerging and devouring every vertical and horizontal chessboard.
Lu Bei curled his lips, raised his five fingers, shot out the eagle claws, and said quietly: “That blow just now should have torn you into two pieces. I bet you are lucky, you won’t be so lucky next time.”
Burial Nanshan collapsed again. Last time it was destroyed by Qu He and Meng Yuan. This time, it was destroyed by Qiu Yuan and the zombie tombkeeper.
He has little to do with Lu Bei, he only provided some motivation.
In the ruins at the foot of the mountain, Qiu Yuan was buried deep in the rocks. He wanted to regain his place and prove himself in front of King Yan, but he was defeated faster than last time.
The big demon was unable to be used, and his magic power was like a chicken or a dog. He was punched by the leader of the Tianjian Sect, and finally kicked and seriously injured.
Right now, the soul is silent and there is no possibility of fighting anymore.
As for the secret method of resurrecting monk Qin Tianjian with full health, it was not as effective as usual because King Yan was fighting three strong men and was temporarily unable to use his hands and feet.
Lu Bei didn’t kill Qiu Yuan. He couldn’t find any reason to gain more experience. He had no grudges in the past and has no grudges in the recent days. He only wanted a defeat experience.
Qiu Yuan was also lucky. When he faced Lu Bei twice, there were no onlookers around.
The unlucky Yan Wuchen and Jin Tong were mad at the crowd when they appeared on the stage, bullying the weak without mercy. L