Rumors that human monks stole the Demon King’s Map have been circulating in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom for quite some time. The longer it goes on, the greater the possibility of the demon clan crossing the border and invading the human kingdom.

When he thought of the large number of high-level demon monks sneaking into the human kingdom while he was walking slowly on the road, he felt a twinge of pain. I didn’t kill Boren, but Boren died because of me. It was so regretful.
The conflict between the human race and the demon race has been going on for a long time, and wars and frictions of all sizes continue to this day. This is a problem left over from history. Lu Bei cannot change it, and he has no ability to force peace.
What he can do is to avoid the intensification of conflicts as much as possible, especially not to let the war start because of him.
Now when he goes to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, he plans to randomly select a lucky audience member and let them learn the advanced physics of the first generation Demon Emperor, so that the news of the Demon Emperor’s picture can be spread.
The Demon King’s Picture has always been in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, and the person who stole the picture was not a human monk, but Kong Ji, the Demon King of the Peacock Clan.
/Yes, he did it!
Hu Er had just sat in the position of the leader, and before she could cover herself up, her godson was dissatisfied. She said angrily: “Haste makes waste, haste is of no use. If you don’t believe me, ask Taifu, has she been here?” ?”
You were careless, she really shouldn’t have come.
Lu Bei didn’t answer. He raised his finger in the air and summoned the black-winged golden-eyed eagle. When the bird landed on his shoulder, he used the Xuanwu Ring to use the magical power of Heavenly Return and Great Teleportation to open the space passage to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters.
It doesn’t matter that he has never been to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons. Jiang Suxin has been, and there are coordinates of the driving recorder on it.
Looking at her hometown so close, Hu Er was dumbfounded, but soon she realized what she was doing, and in front of the Taifu, she stretched out her motherly love-filled fox paw towards Lu Bei.
Of course, I didn’t catch it.
Lu Bei hid behind Taifu and said, “Mom, stop making trouble. The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters is right across the street. The most important thing is. Once the storm is settled, I will let you have fun with me.”
“It’s none of my business, I’m useless.” Hu San retreated hurriedly.
The two brothers sang in harmony, which made Hu Er very embarrassed. He slapped Hu San with his backhand and carried the unfilial son into the space passage.
Lu Bei followed immediately and received a message from the Taifu to ask. He nodded aggrievedly. His family was unfortunate, and he was often humiliated by Hu Er with his head covered.
The Taifu looked worried and told Lu Bei to stay away from the smelly fox.
In the past, she was thinking about pulling the fox in