ghts and glanced at Leonard:

“This is most likely the ‘City of Miracles’ Levihid, the ‘Dragon of Imagination’ Angelweed, a kingdom of ancient gods in a sense.”
“The Kingdom of God…” Leonard’s pupils suddenly dilated and he repeated the most crucial word.
“Justice” Audrey also came back to her senses and whispered softly:
“Is it really Levished?”
“It’s just possible.” Klein had calmed down and responded simply, “It didn’t float in mid-air like the legend, but sank to the bottom of the collective subconscious sea, so it’s hard to say whether it is true or false.”
At this time, Leonard finally controlled himself and once again looked at the majestic city in the “deep sea pit”, he smiled as if he was self-deprecating and said:
“I didn’t expect that one day I would come to the ancient god’s kingdom…”
Frankly speaking, if Miss Justice hadn’t been here, he would have couldn’t help but sigh that Klein’s life was really “colorful.”
Since meeting this former teammate, he not only directly met the two sons of gods and the king of angels, but also entered the magical world in the book and discovered a city suspected to be the kingdom of the ancient gods.
This is countless times more exciting than what he experienced in the past year, and the level is also countless times higher!
Of course, it is also countless times more dangerous.
/After saying this, he looked up at the “light and shadow sea water” floating above, and asked thoughtfully:
“How to tell if the collective subconscious sea is real or just imaginary?”
This is a continuation of the question of how to judge whether Liveshid is authentic or not.
“Justice” Audrey thought carefully for a while and said uncertainly:
“There’s no way to tell, or rather, the sea of ??collective unconscious here is equally real.
“Essentially, the collective subconscious is the precipitation and accumulation of strong emotions and feelings. Although people in this world may be imaginary, their experiences, their emotions, their joy, anger, sadness, pain, and happiness, They all really happened…”
As she spoke, Audrey stopped, vaguely grasping something, but unable to really say it.
At this moment, Klein suddenly said:
“The objects he imagined will surely materialize, and the kingdom he imagined will surely come to the material world…”
As the voice echoed, Klein put away the gold coins in his hand and jumped directly into the “deep sea pit”, and his black windbreaker rose up.
“The future He declared will surely be staged and become a reality…”
While his figure was gliding down, the following words came up.
Audrey’s green eyes were confused at first, then brightened up, and then she “jumped” towards the “City of Miracles”.
“Why don’t you divine the degree of danger? This may be the kingdom of the ancient gods!” Leonard looked at the two of them in astonishment and blurted out.
In his education, this was an illegal course of action.
When did you have the illusion that I didn’t predict it? It’s just that you didn’t notice my little move. I just put away the g