Zhang Jian looked at this uncle with some surprise. It had only been half a day, but it seemed that Taoist Tiexin had already gained something.
He seems to be quite knowledgeable within the sect!
“Nephew, uncle, I just communicated with several Yuanshen brothers in the sect and the ancestors. Two of them have the Yin Shen level Five Elements spells you need. Take a look!”
At this time, he had two jade slips in his hand.
“Both of them have copied part of the prologue of the Five Elements Technique, as well as an overview. You can take a look first!”
Taoist Tiexin had a smile on his face.
Zhang Jian took it and Taoist Tie Xin introduced it at the same time.
“The jade slip on the left is the “Five Dragons Manual” given by the second-generation ancestor of Zidian Peak. This method is a top-notch Yin Shen level magic. Once it is completed, it can condense the five dragons’ Dharma and transform it at the same time. With the Five Dragon Spiritual Wheel, the offense and defense are extremely powerful, and you can especially take advantage in a fight!”
“The jade slip on the right is an ancient scripture “The Great Peacock Sutra” given by Senior Sister Qingyun of Yuchi Valley. This is a strange book from outside the world. Senior Sister Qingyun said it was an unexpected acquisition after killing a demon god, but it is certain. This book must be authentic! If you are unable to practice, Senior Sister Qingyun is willing to provide a return service!”
Zhang Jian read the prologue inside the two jade slips. It looked like an introduction to a high-end product, and it was beautifully made. There were many strange rune changes in it, which looked very much like an advertisement from a certain person in his previous life. ‘!
Obviously, these two have experienced many battles like this and are already very professional.
Zhang Jian pondered for a moment, and then directly selected the “Five Dragons Manual” on the left.
There was no hesitation.
He went to the sect not to hunt for treasure.
Just ask for a book of Five Elements techniques that can be practiced.
It is true that the “Great Peacock Sutra” is a heavenly book from outside the world, and it may have greater value hidden in it, but it may also contain weird traps, or it may simply be a technique born out of delusions of some demon gods.
This is the case with the Heavenly Book from Beyond the World. It is extremely precious and valuable, but the uncertainty contained in it is also extremely high.
Zhang Jian doesn’t have much time to play this kind of gambling-related puzzle game now.
Of course, another very important reason is that this third-generation disciple is obviously not as kind as the second-generation patriarch.
/Seeing that Zhang Jian had made a decision, Taoist Tiexin nodded and immediately went to reply. Soon after, he brought a jade slip covered with colorful dragon patterns, with a special five-element Taoist charm flowing around it.
Zhang Jian took it, verified it a little, confirmed it was genuine, and put it away.
/On Zidian Peak, in fr