merit and luck, Xiantian Ancient in many sea territories finally couldn’t hold back.

The Jellyfish Saint pondered slightly. The Jellyfish Dao Palace lineage has always adhered to the principle of neutrality and impartiality, and it is for this reason that it can always live in the boundless sea.
But it is indeed this time and that time.
At that time, she had not yet attained enlightenment and was jealous of the Heavenly Court, so she could only endure it and study deeply in the rules of Shuiyuan Dao.
Now she has become a saint. This is the beginning of her transformation from a chess piece to a chess player.
She is qualified to participate in the carving up of the fortunes of the gods.
/After thinking about it, she said calmly.
“Is this what you all mean?”
Her eyes swept across the hall. The gods were glanced at by that gaze, and their minds suddenly froze, not daring to look at them.
The jellyfish saint smiled slightly when he saw this.
“Forget it, since I have attained enlightenment and become a saint, Jellyfish Dao Palace, as a saint’s orthodoxy, should naturally hold the authority of a saint!”
“But you have to think carefully. If you participate in this matter, it will no longer be possible to escape, and you may even be passively involved in the new Yanji catastrophe!”
When they heard about the Yanji catastrophe, the gods were a little frightened.
Although Yan Ji is not like the infinite calamity, it is equally dangerous and abnormal.
Even for Dao Zun from the other side!
Jiuyu Daojun said with a solemn expression.
“Disciple is willing to risk his life!”
Other disciples also stood up, including Bai Liying.
The jellyfish saint immediately laughed when he saw this.
“Well, you are worthy of being my disciple!”
Then she pushed away the gods and left a few disciples behind, but she passed on all her spiritual treasures to a few disciples just to show off.
After realizing the beginning of Taoism, ordinary spiritual treasures can no longer display the Taoism of saints.
Unless it is a top-notch innate spiritual treasure or an innate treasure.
In the fairy world, Zhang Jian heard Bai Liying’s story and smiled.
“So the Jellyfish Empress has given you the top-grade acquired spiritual treasure, the Ice Soul Divine Banner, the middle-grade innate spiritual treasure, the Twelve Mysterious Icicles, and the low-grade innate spiritual treasure, the nine-mysterious pile!”
Bai Liying nodded slightly.
/“Master, take pity on me and give me a valuable treasure!”
Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
“Since you became enlightened, you have been under my protection. It is not a bad idea to participate in slaying demons!”
At this time, he glanced at Bai Liying and smiled again.
“With your magical power, it is no problem to fight against some third-turn demon kings. As long as you are careful and cautious, you will not be in danger of death!”
Bai Liying’s pair of wonderful eyes fell on Zhang Jian at this time, and she smiled sweetly.
“Don’t your Majesty have any useful magic weapons to give to me? I remember that your