l strict with himself and set an example for the Zhang clan.

At this time, he seemed to recall the scene in Fengxi County in Zhoushan Realm.
But at this moment, Zhang Jian’s state of mind was completely different.
After Zhang Jian had a few drinks, he met the person he was waiting for in the Accord.
/At the gate, I saw Taoist Yuzhuo, dressed in green clothes, with a scarf tied behind his head. His face was handsome, like a good young man who emerged from the mud and remained unsullied in troubled times.
Daojun Yuzhuo glanced at the girls in the room and said calmly.
“Fellow Earth Emperor Daoist, you are living at ease!”
“Don’t you like this kind of hospitality, Lord Yuzhuo? That’s such a pity!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly and waved his hands to signal the girls to leave the private room.
Several beautiful girls felt a little regretful at this time. A benefactor with a demeanor and wealth similar to Zhang Jian’s was very rare. It was a pity that although the other party ordered them to sing and dance, they did not exist in his eyes from beginning to end.
Taojun Yuzhuo sneered when he saw this.
“I originally thought that after my Taoist friends made great ambitions, they rushed to find the sound, and it was extremely hard to save the people from all directions, but now it seems that they were wrong!”
Zhang Jian was speechless when he heard this and did not care about the matter with Taoist Yuzhuo.
Daojun Yuzhuo looked serious at this time, looked Zhang Jian up and down, and suddenly said.
“The method of Daoist Earth Emperor’s great ambition is really wonderful and mysterious. I think your salvation as a Dao Lord is very extraordinary. I’m afraid you also have the potential to be promoted to a Dao Lord!”
She looked slightly curious.
The person of salvation is also quite rare in the void of the heavens, because there is already an emperor of Dongji Qinghua Changle in the void of the heavens who has achieved the status of the emperor of heaven.
Many people with great supernatural powers are not willing to easily provoke the Emperor of Heaven, so they will not take the initiative to gather similar personal authority.
Therefore, for many immortals and gods, the person of salvation is really a blind spot in knowledge.
Zhang Jian glanced at the Taoist master who could change his face faster than turning the pages of a book, and then nodded.
“The redemptive type of person has always been very powerful, but the only problem is that it is not easy to perfect this Dao Lord person!”
This is a grand visionary type of person.
But overdraft in advance and borrow your own ‘credit’!
If ‘credit’ goes bankrupt, Void Tiandao will not be a vegetarian.
The backlash of the void in the sky is enough for a person to drink a large pot.
Yuzhuo Daojun glanced at Zhang Jiandao.
“But once it is completed, fellow Taoists may have the opportunity to become a Taoist Lord on the other side in this era!”
There was a certain color of envy in Daojun Yuzhuo’s eyes.
Although the two of them had discussed this matter, she also knew