by in a flash. Qinling Hanshan Courtyard is located in the extreme north of Qinwang Mountains. It is extremely cold. It is no exaggeration to say that water turns into ice. When a basin of boiling hot water is poured into the air, it turns into ice when it hits the ground. It has become a hard ice cube. This is no longer due to the natural climate, but to the courtyard of the cold mountain in the far north of the Qinling Mountains. An ancient cold jade is suppressed. The ice is so vast that it can freeze for three hundred miles, even affecting the entire King of Qin. The natural climate of the mountain range becomes bitingly cold the closer you get to this place.

The extremely special geographical environment here has also become an absolute barrier for the monks of Hanshan Monastery in the north to resist threats from all directions. After the apocalypse in 2012, the first batch of Zerg that came here even froze to death, saving the monks of Hanshan a lot of trouble.
/But if the doomsday catastrophe is so easy, then there will be no billions of dead people on the entire planet. After the Zerg throws hundreds of thousands of corpses here, the succeeding Zerg devours the corpses of the frozen Zerg, not only to eat to keep warm, but also to From the flesh and blood of these dead comrades, the cause of death and stress-evolving genes were extracted. To this day, all the Zerg responsible for attacking Hanshanyuan will have evolved a thick coat in advance to withstand the cold and keep warm, not to mention letting them survive the cold. It would not be a problem to survive, at least it would allow them to survive until the moment they die in battle.
/It’s just that the Hanshan Academy has a strong accumulation, and the Hanshan monks have lived in Hanshan for a long time. Their cultivation will even increase slightly in this environment. This increase and decrease further widens the strength gap between the Hanshan monks and the Zerg. The end of the world begins. During that time, the cultivators of Hanshan Academy even lived a more leisurely life than the cultivators of Blood Soul Ridge. Hanshan was originally the main sect of Qinling.
It’s just that if people don’t have long-term plans, there will be immediate worries. Within a few years of comfortable life, with the strengthening of the Zerg, the advent of wild beasts, and even the faint influence of the gods from outside the territory, there was no complete doomsday mechanism like Blood Soul Ridge. Hanshanyuan’s fight became more and more difficult, and until some time ago, it was even suppressed to the point where it had to ask for help from the Blood Soul Ridge. For the cultivators in the North, this request for help itself meant a great insult, and for the most powerful people in the North, For the Qiang Sect Hanshan Academy, this rescue represents a retreat from the competition among the strongest forces in the Qinling Mountains.
However, if life is gone, glory will be meaningless.
Looking at the sea of ??monsters under the city, Ye Xuancang, the commander-in