were completely different.

The ability of ‘underground sneaking’ that he was proud of could not even be stimulated. All his natural abilities became a joke under the crushing force of his absolute strength.
Death was right in front of him, and David was filled with reluctance. He had not become stronger, and his potential had not yet been realized, so he was killed like this.
Just when David thought he was doomed this time, the space wormhole could no longer support this terrifying finger.
This space wormhole can only accommodate three level three worms to pass through. Although the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ is weaker, the ‘space wormhole’ has a certain margin.
But this margin was originally used to allow the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ to return. The death of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ made the existence on the opposite side of the space wormhole very angry, so they launched this attack.
Based on this being’s calculations, this blow would have been enough to kill David.
But who knew that when the crisis came, David blocked the third-level shield in front of him, which caused a small error in the time calculated by this being.
The space wormhole was instantly wiped out, and the being hesitated for a moment, choosing whether to strike a final blow or to evacuate.
For a being like it to attack a small soldier without killing it, it would be extremely embarrassing for others to know about it.
So the being decided to strike one last blow, and its fingers continued to point.
Just when this being thought it would definitely kill David this time, he suddenly felt the third-level shield moving strangely backwards in the direction of its attack.
This is David using his ‘Shield Master’ defensive ability, which converts the energy of the attack into backward force.
Of course, he just wanted to desperately save his life. In his own mind, this was more like a helpless struggle.
However, the Shadow Warrior in the void suddenly moved behind David, grabbed David’s body and exerted force backwards. This force was extremely synchronized with the power transformation of the ‘Shield Master’.
Even David himself thought that the power transformation of the ‘Shield Master’ had an effect, but in fact with his strength, even if he had the ability of the ‘Shield Master’, he could not change the result at all.
/The power and skills used by Shadow Warrior at this moment were far beyond his usual ability, and even David did not sense Shadow Warrior’s actions.
In the entire battlefield, only Shadow Warrior himself knew what it was doing.
At this time, David’s mind was completely enveloped by the fear of death, and he was completely unaware that the connection between Shadow Server and him had disappeared for a period of time, and his perception of Shadow Server was blocked during this period of time.
The existence on the opposite side did not expect this situation to occur. You must know that the only ones who can withstand its attack are those that are equal to it.
It was precisely because of this error that its attack failed. Its