She has already passed through the second great catastrophe. Her Taoism is extraordinary and she is not easy to mess with.”

Bai Liying quietly transmitted the message at this time.
Zhang Jian nodded slightly and said immediately.
“I can accept this matter, but the time for the competition is not now, but three thousand years later. The place for the competition cannot be in the Heavenly Demon Realm, but must be in the Three Emperors Heaven Realm. If Taoist Fellow Yuzhuo agrees, I will do it. Make this bet!”
The Heavenly Demon Realm is not a place for competition. There are too many strong demon clans here.
Whether you win or lose, there will be trouble.
Daojun Yuzhuo glanced at Zhang Jian lightly, thought for a moment and then nodded.
“The Three Emperors Heaven is a well-known neutral heaven in all the worlds. It is indeed a good place for competition!”
After a slight pause, Daojun Yuzhuo’s eyes fell on Bai Liying and said calmly.
“Little Junior Sister, are you going back to the Eight Wastelands Dragon Realm with me, or are you leaving with fellow Earth Emperor Daoist?”
Bai Liying said.
“Fourth Senior Sister, my husband and I still have some personal things to say, so we won’t return to the Eight Wilderness Dragon Realm with Fourth Senior Sister!”
Daojun Yuzhuo nodded slightly, and immediately turned into a magnificent stream of rain vapor, and disappeared in an instant.
Bai Liying is preparing to return to the Three Emperors Heaven with Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian did not blame Bai Liying.
But Bai Liying felt a little guilty.
She originally accepted the invitation from several powerful men in the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm to enter the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm to practice, but she never thought that it also contained some calculations. In the end, she could only follow Taoist Yuzhu and became a pawn to contain Zhang Jian. .
Zhang Jian sighed a little at this time.
“I never thought that there would be such intrigues in the Jellyfish Palace!”
Zhang Jian believed that the Jellyfish Queen’s instructions must have been involved in this matter, otherwise Taoist Yuzhuo would not have dared to be so blatant.
/It seems that the Jellyfish Empress also needs this Four Sea Pearl to complete some kind of calculation.
Zhang Jian thought so hard that he even guessed that the Lord Dongcang knew something, so he left the Pearl of the Four Seas alone.
Otherwise, it would be impossible to leave the Pearl of the Four Seas with the ‘style’ of Shenjun Dongcang.
Thinking of the unusually unique ancestral dragon essence and blood, Zhang Jian felt a little confused.
“Isn’t that thing going to be in trouble?”
Zhang Jian’s heart skipped a beat as he thought of the Ancestral Dragon Soul who was still reincarnating.
Zhang Jian’s eyes twitched darkly.
This thought came to mind, and Zhang Jian suddenly had some ideas in his mind.
Starlight was flowing in the void, and Zhang Jian was about to tear apart the dimension of time and space and return to the central heaven, when he saw a magnificent sign suddenly emerge from th