orshiped their ancestors here and held a flowing banquet, so the whole town was naturally lively.

With Zhang’s current net worth and status.
The standard of this flowing water banquet is not low.
Of course, what is even more rare is the gathering of all the major branches. This opportunity is extremely rare.
/It was also rare for the daughters of the Qi, Ji, Meng, and Yu families to get together with their many children and descendants, and the atmosphere was quite joyful for a while.
The only pity is that Zhang Jian is missing at this time.
However, Zhang Jian habitually stayed in other places to meditate at this time, and the girls all took it for granted.
In the ancestral temple, this place is solemn and solemn, and it is also illuminated by candles like day.
Zhang Jian sensed the fluctuation of the divine power of the incense in the ancestral temple, and moved his figure directly to appear in the ancestral temple.
At this moment, he saw a divine light emerging from Qingxia Daojun Xianghuo’s true form, turning into a passage between two realms. In an instant, a four-color stream of light flew out of it and fell in front of Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian grasped the four-color divine light deep in his palm with a wave of his hand.
At this time, he opened his palms, and four-color divine light emerged from the depths of his palms.
But I saw that it was an innate divine needle with a strong innate atmosphere.
The four colors of yellow, blue, green and red flashed, but there was a sharp aura inside that made people feel chilled all over.
At the same time, another message followed this needle-shaped innate spiritual treasure and integrated into Zhang Jian’s body.
Innate Four Symbols Divine Needle: Contains eight innate divine prohibitions, a top-grade innate spiritual treasure.
Note: This treasure contains the power of the four innate images and four spirits. This innate divine needle is a set, which is formed by the gathering of the spiritual fragments of the innate earth, water, wind, and fire when the heavens and worlds were formed. A single innate fire light, The innate wind radiance, the innate earth radiance, and the innate water radiance divine needle are all three lower-grade innate spiritual treasures forbidden by the innate gods; a set combined into one is the innate four-image divine needle, which is a high-grade innate spiritual treasure.
Note: A single innate four-image divine needle is used silently and breathlessly, and can penetrate all kinds of fairy treasures and Tao bodies. The power of the innate four-image is extremely soft, formless and formless.
Note: The top-grade innate four-image divine needle combines yin and yang, possesses the destructive power of the four innate images, and is the ultimate treasure for single-killing!
Zhang Jian’s eyes suddenly lit up when he got the baby.
Looking at the slender four-color magic needle in front of him, Zhang Jian felt that his heart changed from the picture of the universe to this innate four-color magic needle!
This is a treasure for traveling