meant, it was nothing more than bringing him into Yaochi or accepting a disciple.

But now that he has become a Dao Lord, it is not so easy to send out such forbidden divine bodies.
Taojun Taiyan frowned when he heard this, but he still said patiently.
“Brother Taoist, my female cultivator from Yaochi also has a great reputation in all the worlds and has a complete cultivation system. The best choice is for Jiuling to enter Yaochi. And if the empress knows the talent of Fairy Jiuling, We will also take care of you!”
“Her entry into Yaochi will also help Taoist brother in the future.”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly and immediately said seriously.
“Fellow Taoist Taiyan, I promise you, I will seriously consider this matter!”
Zhang Jian still has his own arrangements for Fairy Nine Spirits.
After the two women reminisced about the past, Immortal Zihua continued to sublimate the three world-suppressing artifacts according to the original plan.
Underneath the Demonic Heavenly Wheel.
Immortal Zihua sat cross-legged again.
Many immortals and gods regrouped their minds, and according to their previous arrangements, returned to the depths of the forbidden law in the Demon-Conquering Valley to stabilize the forbidden law and suppress the seal.
Zihua Immortal Lord summoned three world-suppressing artifacts again.
The Nine Heavens Yuanyang Ruler, the Boundary Heaven Thunder Pond, and the Seven Heavenly Cultivation Swords.
The three world-suppressing artifacts resonated with her whole body. The origin of the infinite central heaven was slowly integrated into the three world-suppressing artifacts through the medium of Zihua Immortal Lord.
At this time, Zihua Fairy’s Taoism has advanced by leaps and bounds compared to tens of thousands of years ago.
We have already set foot on Taiyi True Number, and we are not far from Taiyi Celestial Immortal.
At this time, I sensed the origin of the central heaven, which in turn helped the three world-suppressing artifacts transform, and I didn’t feel any difficulty at all.
Zhang Jian could clearly feel the envy in the eyes of the Nine Spirit Fairy beside him.
Fairy Jiuling was indeed a little envious.
This is only tens of thousands of years, and she is still a little short of the Taiyi realm.
And Fairy Zihua, who was also a Celestial Immortal at the time, not only broke through the realm of Taiyi, Taiyi Zhenshu was also not far away from Taiyi Celestial Immortal.
This kind of improvement naturally made her envious.
/After so many years of crawling and rolling in the Central Heaven Realm, she clearly understands the importance of Taoism and cultivation to herself.
Only with enough Taoism can we ensure that we will not be bullied by others and have more say in the central heaven.
Zhang Jian seemed to have penetrated the desire in Fairy Jiuling’s heart.
“Practitioners need a firm heart to seek the Tao, but the latter alone is not enough. You also need the former, firmness!”
Zhang Jian’s voice emerged in Jiuling Fairy’s mind.
Fairy Jiu Ling’s eyes moved, with a hint of fear in