al body was still in the real world, so he planned to confirm the several related divination he had done before.

Picking up the pen, without writing, a divination statement appeared on the parchment in front of him:
“There were supernatural factors involved in the death of John Maynard.”
This was a divination that Klein did when he went to Congressman Maynard’s house to help the police channel. The answer at that time was no.
Holding the silver chain and letting the citrine pendant barely touch the words on the parchment, Klein half-closed his eyes and silently recited the divination sentence:
“There were supernatural factors involved in the death of John Maynard.”
“There were supernatural factors involved in the death of John Maynard.”
After repeating it seven times, he opened his eyes, looked at the pendulum, and his pupils suddenly shrank.
Citrine pendant is rotating clockwise
And clockwise rotation means yes
Senator Maynard’s death was influenced by supernatural factors
Klein stared at the slowly calming pendulum, and a huge wave surged in his heart:
“My divination at that time was influenced and interfered with.”
“Mrs. Sharon is an Extraordinary, a very powerful Extraordinary, or there is such a person behind her to help, and they jointly planned the death of Senator Maynard.”
“To get rid of this strong contender for the mayor’s seat, to get rid of the new party’s future member of the House of Commons.”
Thoughts flashed through his mind, and Klein wrote a new divination sentence:
“Mrs. Sharon is extraordinary.”
/Still reciting it silently seven times, still using the “Pendulum Method”, Klein used some information about his current environment and Mrs. Sharon to complete the divination and see the answer.
The answer is that the citrine pendant is rotating clockwise, and the answer is yes
Mrs. Sharon is the Extraordinary. Klein’s heart tightened, and without any further delay, he immediately responded to his “call” and pushed open the mysterious door.
After confusion and dizziness, he saw Mrs. Sharon’s bedroom and also saw himself.
Klein half-floated and half-flyed to the heavy safe, stretched out his right hand, and carefully reached it in.
Since Mrs. Sharon is an extraordinary person, he must beware of traps arranged in the safe.
In this state of a spiritual body that is mixed with some power from the mysterious space and most of his own spirituality, Klein no longer needs to do divination. Just by being close to danger, he can get hints. The essence of most divination relies on the wandering spirit of the astral spirit body. To obtain enlightenment from the world, simply put, it comes from one’s own spirituality.
The nearly transparent palm passed through the thick metal door, and Klein didn’t notice anything unusual.
After scanning it up, down, left, and right, he suddenly jumped forward, and his entire spirit body got into the safe.
He saw that it was divided into three floors. The first floor contained standard gold bars, thick banknotes, and more valuable jewelry. The first floor co