tly or covertly, or covertly or explicitly, and it was only then that Hongyu could not react. This can’t be blamed on her. The reaction speed of monks at the ninth level of Qi Refining in battle is much faster than that of monks below the level. Zhu Peng can keep up just because he is ridiculously strong.

Being in a state of fusion of mind, blood, and true energy for a long time made his heart, guts, hands, eyes, and sword one piece, clear and transparent. Only in this way can he keep up with Cui Changsheng’s attacking rhythm.
“It’s really amazing. I haven’t reached the high level, I haven’t reached the ninth level of Qi refining, but I can actually develop my combat power to this point. Among the juniors, there is such a talent. It’s really outstanding. It’s a pity that he is not my son from the Cui family.”
Within a few steps, Cui Changsheng’s figure disappeared and appeared like a phantom, and he avoided Hong Yu’s many killing moves so easily and casually. The most terrifying thing was that Hong Yu almost didn’t understand who he was. How did you do it.
The sinister wind roared, full of murderous intent. Although the old man who looked like a withered skeleton did not attack directly again, there was still strong Yin Qi around the body of this contemporary ghost master, and the huge ghost power undulated, even if he did not directly attack. , there are ghost-headed ghosts flying and roaring around him. In this area, Zhu Peng, Hongyu, and even Yin Jizhu have to consume a large amount of true energy energy at all times to make up for the rapid wear and tear of their own body-protecting true energy shields.
“It’s a pity that I don’t have much time to spend time with you. In fact, I really like you young flesh-and-blood creatures.” After sighing slightly, Cui Changsheng slowly took two steps forward and stood in front of you. In Hong Yu’s eyes, this was Cui Changsheng’s fearless master’s demeanor, but in Zhu Peng’s eyes, this was the causal price Cui Changsheng had to pay for controlling this ghost realm.
/“The Yin Wind Head-twisting Technique is divided into at least two techniques: the Yin Wind Soul-Capturing and the Hanging Head-Sending Technique, and the power of the Yin Soul Domain in front of you is even more amazing. Once used, it can be said to dominate the entire field. As long as the caster does not die, the domain The monks inside will be constantly attacked by him. Once the body-protecting true energy shield is broken, their flesh and blood will be devoured by hundreds of ghosts. Such a technique is a magical power. As long as you avoid his big If you don’t use magical powers, you won’t have a chance to save your life and win.”
The idea is certain, and Zhu Peng’s mind is stronger. Compared with the other two, he has a higher advantage. Not to mention the body-protecting true essence shield is stronger, and there are several life gems to protect him, even in the realm of ghosts. Being bitten by hundreds of ghosts, Zhu Peng was in danger of having his body broken and his flesh and blood eaten away i