n your meritorious service in the Monk War. Position.” The old man obviously felt that Zhu Peng was too young, so he carefully cultivated him and spoke in a very complex and true manner.

“We can’t ask for a high position in the United Front, because your father has already controlled most of the United Front. Especially after Su Wenshe retreated, the place almost turned into an iron-armored one-spoken hall. This is not good and can easily cause backlash, so you must not Go to the United Front Work Department. The Logistics Department is not good either. Those Li family members are full of copper stench, and their structure and ambition are small. Peng’er, you are at a good age to make rapid progress in cultivation. Although there is plenty of money and water there, it is not good for practice. You can’t go, go. No.”
At this moment, Zhu Peng, who had been silent, slowly stretched out his hand and said, “Grandpa Zhu, I already have a preference for my future choice.” Staring at the old man’s dim eyes, the skinny old man shrank. He shrunk and thought for a while, then asked suspiciously: “You have an idea. Let me know what you think.”
Chapter 262 The Blood High Priest reorganizes the Worship Department
“I want to become the family’s high priest and reorganize the worship department.” After hearing the words of the elder above, Zhu Peng quickly answered loudly, expressing his long-planned thoughts.
“The family’s high priest? Reorganize the worship department?” The skinny old man knocked on his head in confusion. In order not to lose face in front of his juniors, he leaned back slightly and said softly: “Hello. , does our blood clan have the position of high priest, and what is the worship department?”
There was also whispering below, and there was a buzzing sound like the chirping of insects. After a moment, an old man with a white beard and clear eyes, holding a folding fan in his hand, came closer: “If I remember correctly, the Enshrinement Department refers to the department dedicated to enshrining the blood ancestors. The high priest, also known as the chief priest, is the supreme head of this department. In theory and tradition, his status is equal to that of the patriarch and the supreme elder. The problem is that this department has become increasingly popular since Emperor Hongwu sent Liu Bowen to kill the dragon and cut off the sky. It is useless and was abolished more than 300 years ago. If Peng’er wants to be the chief priest, then it really needs to be reorganized.”
/After hearing the words for a long time, the old man sitting at the top of the center suddenly twitched his cheek muscles. He looked directly at the energetic young man in front of him and said with extremely distressed words: “Peng’er, tell uncle, are you? Was your brain damaged by someone on the battlefield? What a smart kid you used to be. Now, not only did you easily give up the already easily obtained position as the leader of Qinglong City, but you also directly applied to go to the extremely useless Qingshui Yamen. This is not becaus