is no problem at all in being able to dominate the entire Qinling Mountains.

Even his biological father, Zhu Tiejai, took the wrong path in his body practice and is now unable to match the depth of Zhu Peng’s cultivation.
Therefore, Cang Hanzi’s calculation can only be said to have forcibly closed some of the gaps between the two sides, and used his accumulated experience and abnormal strength to make up for some of the realm gaps, but it does not really mean that he can compete with Zhu Peng. How much profit can be gained from close sword fighting.
/Chapter 636 Bai Fumei VS Xiao Tielu
The sword light moved quickly, the electric light flint, the close sword fight between Zhu Peng and Cang Hanzi became faster and faster, and the thrust became more urgent. The fighting space between the two people had even formed a relatively distorted killing time and space. Any evil blood The cold bats that flew into it would only end up being strangled into dripping flesh and blood.
In the fierce battle of life and death, who can care about distinguishing ourselves from the enemy.
There was a faint sound of “ding”, and when the two people who were fighting at high speed broke away from the high-speed state of the body’s transformation, the two sharp spiritual swords clashed together, and Zhu Peng’s Wandering Dragon Sword slashed It entered the serrations of Cang Hanzi’s azure blue sword, and even knocked off some of the fine iron serrations.
“Who gave you the courage to ambush me, Zhu Peng? Don’t say that you have no chance of success. Even if you are lucky enough to hurt me, the fury of Blood Soul Ridge will burn the entire Hanshan Courtyard to ashes. ”
Sharpening his swords and breathing heavily, Zhu Peng stared at the opponent in front of him. The purple meteors in his eyes seemed to be crazy, spinning at an astonishing high speed.
“The second transformation of the Purple Soul Sky Eyes, the ghost lamp leads the way, drawing out the most terrifying and timid shadow in your heart, creating the cause and effect of your death.”
It’s a pity that the pupil hypnosis, even if coupled with the suggestion of strong words, can’t break into Cang Hanzi’s almost flawless and ruthless heart. He once again whispered into Zhu Peng’s ear, and once again showed in front of Zhu Peng the cruel and sophisticated connotation of the older generation of cultivators from Earth Star.
/“It’s not just me, the kid Lingxi is also ready to die. As long as I keep you here, it will ruin the prosperity of Xuepo Ridge for a hundred years in the future. When the time comes, Xuepo Ridge will raise troops to investigate the crime, and Lingxi will directly depose himself. The cultivators come to plead guilty, and you are welcome to kill or behead them. At most, you can add some money and jewels at most. As long as your death becomes an established fact, no matter how angry and angry the monks in Blood Soul Ridge are, what can they do? how?”
“The Hanshan Courtyard is really destroyed. The largest defensive barrier in the north of the Qinling Mountains disappea