t can overcome poisons and prevent poisons.

“Now that everything is understood, you can die. Don’t worry, I will crush your bones bit by bit, and then swallow them into my stomach one by one. There will be no waste.”
/Just now, there was a gentle whisper, but at this moment, it has turned into an outpouring of murderous intent.
As soon as he finished speaking, a large area of ??earth and rocks turned around. Just now it was just a close-range hand-to-hand fight between monsters. At this time, the big demon white spirit clearly fired real fire. Once it exerted its force, the land within a radius overturned and surged like a sea tide. Not only did it It makes people lose their footing, and there are even muddy whirlpools undulating one after another, trying to swallow people up.
This is the terrifying thing about the contemporary great demon. Perhaps it cannot show any absolute advantage when fighting against the top monks of the same era.
However, their abundant true energy and terrifying physiques allow them to remain undefeated in the face of several combatants of the same level at the same time, and even kill more than a hundred low-level human monks. The greater the strength gap between the two sides, the lower the demon’s group attack ability. The stronger it is, a demon at the ninth level of Qi refining can easily kill more than a hundred monks with lower cultivation levels in one battle.
Gein, the coverage area of ??their spells is too large and too wide. This is due to the innate size gap. Normally, it is difficult for human monks to catch up and surpass them. In terms of true energy, most of them are occupied by demons. An absolute advantage.
“Earth spirit cat, quicksand cloth armor!?”
Looking at the huge demon cat in front of her, which was covered and protected by sand, gravel, and gravel, Li Zhen only felt her mouth feel bitter and dry. Bai Ling had just relied on his hand-to-hand combat ability to make Li Zhen use all his strength. Now, after Bai Ling was injured, he did not damage his fundamentals. When he reversed the attack, he had already used all his demonic powers.
Li Zhen summoned her remaining strength and managed to hold on to three moves and two moves, but was hit by the flying sand and dust that filled the sky and almost vomited blood again.
The originally solid earth under his feet was rapidly softening by quicksand and mud. Several times, he suddenly stretched out his mud tentacles to drag him to the ground. But once he was bound to the ground, how could he face an earth spirit cat?
After barely surviving a few attempts, Li Zhen saw that nothing could be done. With a high and tragic whistle, she took out a spell, burned it, unlocked it, and then ran back like lightning. The strong wind danced around him, and spiritual energy flowed out. His speed and agility made it impossible for the tyrannical demon cat to stop him.
Li Zhen has always been a decisive person with a meticulous mind. Without meticulousness, he would not be as good at medical skills. Without a decisive decision, he w