no trophies, how can we call on people to form a team to kill the larvae.

Regardless of the heavy armored hover vehicle dispatched this time and the accompanying professional soldier, he applied for these from the military. There is a fee for applying for this kind of service.
Although Jim often uses his identity as Lieutenant Eaton to act, all his actions will be conducted without violating military discipline.
Without the loot, even Sergeant Boris’s salary would not be paid this time, let alone the rental cost of the heavy armored hover vehicle.
/“Daly, DeQuincey, you two dig together with me, David will be on guard!” Jim ordered.
Then the three of them took out their daggers and began to dig out the insect corpses in the soil.
David carefully observed his surroundings. At this moment, he no longer entrusted his safety to the shadow attendants. The dangerous shadow attendants coming from the underground could not be discovered in time.
“Pack up the enhanced meat of this larvae and let’s return to the armored vehicle immediately!” Jim said while digging.
“Whoever really wants to mess with us, I will let him know how powerful I am, but it’s a pity that my clothes are gone!” De Quincey also said while digging.
At this time, his white trench coat had been stained by the mud, but David also discovered that DeQuincey didn’t really care about dressing up. When he needed him, he didn’t care about the clothes on his body at all, and everything was done according to Jim’s orders. .
“Who told you to wear such white clothes when you knew you were leaving the city!” Myron said in the communication channel, but this time De Quincey did not reply because he was digging with all his strength.
The three of them worked together, and soon the insect corpse was dug out. Jim wiped the dagger on his body twice, and then quickly decomposed it on the insect corpse. This time, he did not slow down to demonstrate to David. It took less than a minute. Two pieces of enhanced meat have already been taken out.
He put the two pieces of reinforced meat into the prepared bag, put away the dagger, and picked up the D200 assault rifle again.
“According to the formation just now, we will return immediately!” He said in a deep voice while making gestures.
The other three didn’t say anything, but quickly lined up in formation and began to move back.
/After taking two steps, David saw the soil moving under De Quincey’s feet and quickly pulled him away.
The moment De Quincey’s legs were pulled away by David, two long pointed thorns quickly stabbed out from the ground, stabbing into the empty space.
“Sergeant Boris, come and pick us up!” Jim shouted to the ID bracelet. The D200 assault rifle in his hand rang out and fired towards the underground target.
At the same time, Daly and DeQuincey also began to attack, and green blood seeped out of the ground.
This time no one mentioned the exhumation of the body. Even David, who was unfamiliar with the wild, discovered that something was wrong.
“Yes!” Sergeant Boris’s voice came.
This made Ji