nt on shooting.

After determining the shooting area, he verified the analysis results many times to ensure that they were foolproof.
In the ‘T3 type sniper auxiliary device’, the lights of the floating car in the distance come closer from far away. Under the illumination of the street lights, the range of two thousand meters can be extremely clear. After more than two thousand meters, there will be some blur.
However, in the adjustment of the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’, the distance between two thousand meters and four thousand meters is still acceptable. If the distance exceeds four thousand meters, it can only be roughly aimed.
When the hover car reached 2,300 meters, David held his breath. The ‘Eye of Death’ replica was as stable as if it were welded to the ground.
Two thousand two hundred meters, two thousand one hundred meters, as the two thousand meters got closer and closer, the killing intent in David’s eyes became more intense.
Just when the hover car reached two thousand meters, the murderous intent gathered in David’s eyes reached its peak. The replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ in his hand suddenly exploded, and a bullet with his murderous intent was shot out.
But just as David fired, the trainer Jeremy, who was sitting in the suspension car over there, seemed to have predicted it in advance. He rushed directly from the driver’s seat to the top of the suspension car and rushed out of the car.
David’s eyes froze, and this fatal blow was actually avoided by trainer Jeremy.
But he couldn’t stop at this time. The moment Jeremy trainer was in the air, the ‘Eye of Death’ replica opened fire again.
/“Ah!” Trainer Jeremy roared in the air, and a white light appeared on his body.
Because he could no longer dodge in the air, the sniper bullet hit him with terrifying kinetic energy.
The terrifying kinetic energy caused Jeremy’s trainer’s body to spin and fly out in the air like a lightning strike, but David didn’t feel happy at all.
It can be clearly seen from David’s ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ that the warhead was blocked by the armor on Jeremy’s trainer.
/It was armor, but it was not an exoskeleton armor, but an armor composed purely of white light, and it was put on trainer Jeremy’s body.
David simply couldn’t understand what was happening in front of him. The armor made of white light, including the warhead that hit the white light armor and deformed, made him temporarily confused.
Trainer Jeremy took advantage of David’s confusion and landed on his feet.
He did not run away because he knew very well that running away was the worst option when faced with a sniper.
He looked gloomy because he had exposed his ability in front of so many surveillance cameras and he would no longer be able to stay in this city in the future.
His plan, his work, all the price the organization paid for him were ruined because of the sniper from the front.
“Death!” Trainer Jeremy shouted loudly, his feet suddenly kicked the ground, and the friction between his shoes and the ground caused dents to appear on the solid gr