olten iron, all devices fail, and then the heat enters the interior of the exoskeleton armor from the outside in. .

All this happened in a very short period of time. More than four hundred soldiers disappeared from the world in the explosion of the kryptonite powder bomb without pain or torture.
David stood three thousand meters away, watching the explosion with cold eyes.
He didn’t know which side sent these soldiers to kill him, but he knew that he couldn’t be merciful. He needed to make everyone who was his enemy afraid of him and fear him.
The two deputy captains, five weapons masters, and forty-eight ordinary soldiers standing at the entrance of the training area were all knocked to the ground by the aftermath of the explosion.
The interstellar flyer detected that the area was exposed to space and immediately closed the isolation door at the entrance to the cultivation area, cutting off the connection with space.
Deputy Commander Gore and Deputy Commander Harman were sitting on the ground. They were wearing exoskeleton armor and were not injured.
Their eyes were still looking at the direction isolated by the isolation door, which was originally the cultivation area.
But now there is nothing there. The violent explosion wiped out the cultivation area and all the more than 400 soldiers under their command.
“How dare he do this?” Deputy Captain Gore muttered to himself.
“You arranged a good position!” Deputy Captain Harman couldn’t help but said after hearing Deputy Captain Gore’s words.
“You also agreed to the plan!” Deputy Captain Gore realized that he could not bear the blame alone, and he immediately retorted.
Deputy Captain Haman felt a sharp pain in his heart. He felt that cooperating with the Red Fire Mercenary Group and Deputy Captain Gore was the stupidest decision he had ever made in his life.
“You two, we have not failed. I believe that the two soldiers opposite me should also be weapons masters!” Big Bard first said to the two deputy captains, and then turned to the two people invited by the Red Fire Mercenary Group. The weapons master said: “I wonder which two weapons masters they are? I am Big Bard, this is my brother Little Bard, and the person next to me is Master Bryce!”
“I’m Johns!”
“I’m Bethune!”
At this moment, all the masters no longer had the slightest intention of looking down on David. From the combat prowess he showed at the beginning to the strategies he showed later, they all felt deeply in danger.
Facing such an enemy, the five weapons masters need to join forces to deal with David in the safest way.
“David, I know you can hear it. You have played a trick on all of us. Now that there are no more useless soldiers, we will fight to the death here and end everything!” Master Big Bard opened the public channel of the exoskeleton armor and challenged .
/At this moment, Master Bader stood up and ignored Deputy Captain Harman. The most important reason was that this failure made it impossible for Deputy Captain Harman to sit down.
The same is true for Deputy Captain Gore. The