people. Just looking at the clothes and demeanor of these people, you can tell that they are not something ordinary people can offend.

people. Just looking at the clothes and demeanor of these people, you can tell that they are not something ordinary people can offend.
If she was alone, she would still insist. It was obviously that person who moved first and accidentally knocked over the plate. If you are not wrong, you cannot admit it!
The little girl’s persistence, although simple, is very valuable!
/But now, there is still him.
“I apologize, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! It’s all my clumsiness. I will definitely pay for the clothes. Please, don’t make it difficult for him.” Xie Yan watched the young man’s face become increasingly ugly and depressed. His anger almost turned the whole house upside down, and he was finally so panicked that he didn’t have any other thoughts. He just wanted to bear all the sins and not drag him into his humble life.
Not for anything else, just for that night when the boy looked at her with that gentle and lustful look in his eyes!
Xie Yan let go of Wen Liang’s hand, knelt on the ground, and his beautiful voice became hoarse in an instant. The tears in his eyes fell weakly down his cheeks, and he begged: “Please.”
Wen Liang looked at it in shock. In this scene, just because she was insulted just now and still didn’t say a word to admit her mistake, we knew that in this girl’s heart, she had her persistence, her knowledge, and her fearlessness. At this moment, he is willing to bend his knees and lower his head for a possible consequence that has not yet appeared or will not even occur.
For a person who only had her dignity left, this undoubtedly took away everything from her!
Wen Liang already knew her family background from Liu Zhihe. Children from such families are either overwhelmed by life, groveling, servile, and willing to ignore morality and trample the law in order to survive. They have nothing to call human except their appearance; or they grow up in poverty. Be strong and strong, not ashamed of the wealth of others, not ashamed of your own poverty, face life with a cheerful face, face life with a smile, and use up your hard work and efforts to realize the expectations buried deep in ragged clothes. and dreams.
And Xie Yan, it is the latter!
She was born in poverty, but she never belittled herself. She was beautiful, and she never let herself down. The faith she had developed since she was a child was undoubtedly the only pillar that supported her, but today, she has thrown it all away for the sake of kindness.
Wen Liang leaned down, pulled the girl up from the ground, stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on her cheeks, and said word by word: “They are not worthy of you kneeling!” ”
They are not worthy of you kneeling!”
/The woman in black dress was very elegant. Qian leaned against the back of the chair, her slender hands folded flat on her thighs suddenly trembled. The diamond bracelet on her wrist exuded a thin halo, which made her icy muscles match the snow, and her jade bones were as cold as ice. People in landscape paintings. Her eyes stayed on Xie Yan for a long time, a