fast every morning from now on.”

fast every morning from now on.”
Ji Su thought he was listening. He came up with this idea after hearing Meng Ke’s words, turned around and came to a place where he could see his eyes, and said softly: “Don’t listen to Meng Ke’s nonsense. I brought you breakfast after I ate it myself. Really, I , I didn’t lie to you!”
/Wen Liang turned around and looked at her quietly without saying a word. Under the gaze of his gentle eyes, Ji Su’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally became inaudible.
“Ji Su, you are very beautiful. It is the dream of many boys. I don’t deny that I secretly peeked at your back before that incident happened. It’s nothing. At the age of sixteen or seventeen, everyone would fantasize about you. Then one day, under everyone’s attention, there was a girl in a white dress, with long hair and swaying figure. With a smile that only bloomed for herself, she calmly faced countless jealous or crazy eyes and met each other. After this period of youth.”
Wen Liang’s voice was very low, yet very high-pitched, as if he was cutting off the nostalgia, past sadness and the lingering feelings with a knife. “But that’s just a fantasy after all, Ji Su. I just broke into your life in an inappropriate encounter. Maybe I gave you a little hope and courage by some coincidence. But I want you to understand that this is not If these are the only reasons to get close to and please someone, what you are doing now already makes me feel uneasy.” ”
I am helping you, but it is not as great as you think! You have also seen that I still have many things to do. There are many ulterior motives being planned. Liu Tian is right, I’m really not a good person.” ”
So whether it’s out of gratitude or repayment, you don’t have to do that anymore. I’ll help you. The big reason is to help yourself. You can be the Ji Su you were before, do what you like, and don’t force yourself. Otherwise, what’s the difference between Gu Wenyuan and me?”
Wen Liang said some things that he didn’t say. Speaking of which, you must know that this is 1995, and a girl brings breakfast to a boy every day. What does this mean? Even an unconventional child like Ren Yi can tell the accurate and only answer: She likes you!
Yes, she likes you!
But therein lies the problem. Unlike Xu Yao and Zuo Yuxi, Wen Liang’s relationship with Ji Su is both subtle and complicated. He doesn’t want Ji Su to be unable to see his own feelings clearly because of his gratitude, and then go down the wrong path. The farther away, after all, the relationship between them was not so happy. Ji Su first brought breakfast, and then helped him make up classes today. Wen Liang knew that he had to have a good talk with her today. If Ji Su lost himself like this because of his father’s affairs, Wen Liang would neither want to see nor despise such an ending.
Ji Su lowered his head when Wen Liang started speaking. His soft body looked very thin in the night wind, which made people feel pity for him. She raised her head, with no emotion in her mirror-like black eyes, and said c