redeem it for you from Sila Combat Academy, but you have to pay five thousand points. If you agree, I will help you!” Lake Chaofan continued to say to David.

“Thank you principal, I’m willing to redeem it with points!” David quickly replied.
Although David is in urgent need of points now, he is willing to pay a higher price for the opportunity to find a severed limb that can heal his father Hans, not to mention it is only 5,000 points.
“No need to thank me, you have made a lot of contributions to the college, and I should stand up for you!” Lake Chaofan waved his hand.
“Principal, the king of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ will not be destroyed for a day, and this area will not be peaceful for a day. We can’t let the students move in a safe area, right?” Kenny Chaofan asked Lake Chaofan.
/“You don’t have to worry about the matter of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King. The military has lost a paranormal, and they cannot ignore it. Next, there should be a stronger paranormal to take over and deal with this matter. The ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King is alive.” It won’t be long!” Lake Chaofan waved his hand to reassure Kenny Chaofan.
“I don’t know how many days it will take the military to deal with the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king!” Kenny said in a deep voice.
Just as he finished saying this, his identity bracelet lit up.
Kenny Chaofan looked at his identity bracelet, and after a while his expression was a little strange.
“Something happened?” Lake Chaofan asked after seeing Kenny Chaofan’s expression.
“After the military learned that all Chaofan had returned and ‘Operation King Hunt’ ended early, they discovered that General Froude had not returned to the base, and at the same time his identity bracelet could not be contacted!” Kenny Chaofan replied.
“Is General Froude too embarrassed to return because the operation failed?” Dunbar said with extraordinary doubts.
“How is it possible, with General Frude’s experience, he won’t be so decadent that he won’t go back because of this matter? Besides, this is the guardian planet. Where can he go if he doesn’t go back!” Lake Chaofan shook his head and said.
“Damn it, we finally left General Froude alone. Isn’t he in danger?” Kenny exclaimed with an extraordinary slap on his thigh.
The identity bracelet cannot be contacted. In addition to Froude’s extraordinary being turned off on his own, the rest may be that Froude’s extraordinary death or the identity bracelet is lost.
/However, the ID bracelet is fixed on the arm and cannot be lost accidentally unless it is removed intentionally.
“Contact the other Chaofan who participated in the operation. If there is no news from them, General Froude may be really in danger!” Lake Chaofan said with a tight expression.
Kenny Chaofan immediately contacted the other Chaofan in the office. After each contact, he shook his head to Lake Chaofan. Soon, he contacted all the Chaofan, but there was no news.
“David, it looks like I’m going to trouble you again!” Lake Chaofan turned to look at David and said.
“I know, I will return to the battle scene immediately. A