ould make friends accidentally or something. Fortunately, I dealt with it more appropriately, and finally put it aside and stopped mentioning it.

ould make friends accidentally or something. Fortunately, I dealt with it more appropriately, and finally put it aside and stopped mentioning it.
I have been in a state of absent-mindedness since then. I can’t remember much about what my mother cooked for dinner and how it tasted. All I could think about was this woman. I tried to figure out what role this woman played in this case, and then I suddenly realized She is already such a person deep in the whirlpool.
Because she was at the center of all mysteries as soon as she appeared, and what was closely connected to her was the recorder. In order to compete for the recorder, the murderer even did not hesitate to reveal his identity. It is only because we were too careless at the time, otherwise at least we would have known how to hide now. Who is that in my cabinet?
People often say that what you think about every day is what you dream about at night. After I fell asleep, I had nightmares all night long, and they were all related to this woman. The whole dream was so messed up that I didn’t know where to start. Anyway, it was me who was there. When I arrived at 801 in my dream, I felt like I was in a haunted house in a ghost movie. I still had lingering fears after daybreak.
Sometimes it is often said that a dream is just a dream, but in fact it is not the case. Many times the things you dream about will change your mood and some opinions. Just like now, invisibly, I am inexplicably attracted to that place 801 and that woman. Somewhat scared.
Zhang Ziang called me as soon as I got up early in the morning. After I answered the call, I asked what the matter was. Zhang Ziang told me that he made preliminary findings on the concrete block he took to the laboratory yesterday. It worked out, but he was busy and didn’t tell me.
Zhang Ziang told me that in addition to my fingerprints, there are other people’s fingerprints on the concrete block. If nothing else, it should be the fingerprint of the person who put it in my pocket. Now the fingerprints have been rubbed out, but because we don’t have a fingerprint database, we can’t When doing a data comparison search, he said that he privately compared the fingerprints with the police station’s internal database, and found a match.
After hearing what Zhang Ziang said, I thought it would never happen, but after hearing this, I unexpectedly found it. I asked, “Who is it?”
/Zhang Ziang said, “I couldn’t tell you clearly on the phone, so I’ll call you.” The call is to tell you not to go to the office building in the morning, but to come directly to the laboratory department of the police station. I will explain it to you in detail then.” After that,
Zhang Ziang hung up the phone. I was about to go to work at this time. If When he didn’t call, I went to the office building.
When I arrived at the police station, Zhang Ziang was already there, and Yan Mingliang was also there. Yan Mingliang was no closer than Fan Zhen, and he looked a bit fierce. He didn’t say anything when he saw me coming. I asked Zhang Ziang quie