t when I woke up, my last ally would be gone.

Fighting alone, or fighting alone without reinforcements, this feeling is really not wonderful.
“Yes, Your Majesty!
The Kingdom of Light broke out last night, and it is unknown how many people escaped. Anyway, their king has fallen.
On the entire prairie, only the kingdom is now making its last stand. If nothing unexpected happens, the orcs will definitely step up their offensive against Xingang next. ”
Prime Minister Drae replied bitterly.
No one likes a war that continues to be fought despite knowing that it cannot be won.
Compared to a group of unlucky allies, the situation of the Farland Wheel Kingdom is much better. The royal capital is at the port, and you can escape at any time.
The current fierce resistance is mainly because everyone is trying to gain political capital. The most important thing is: run away in advance, the Alpha Kingdom will not let them pass.
If your life is safe, then fight slowly! Anyway, if nothing can be done, you can still board the ship and leave. No matter how powerful the orcs are, they are unable to chase them to the sea.
The early collapse of the grassland countries directly affected the immigration work of the Alpha Kingdom. Countless refugees were brutally murdered by orcs while still on the road.
The number of refugees who successfully arrived in the Alpha Kingdom was less than half of what was expected in advance. Especially those who immigrated by land suffered the heaviest losses.
There is no doubt that the coastal nobles took advantage of this outcome.
Taking advantage of the convenience of sea transportation and being the first to get their share, more noble lords could only stare blankly.
In fact, now no one cares about the trivial matter of “refugees”. As soon as the Kingdom of Light collapsed, the military pressure on the provinces in northern Xinjiang increased instantly.
/He became a neighbor with the orcs again. With the grudges between the two sides, it was normal for the enemy to come and kill him at any time.
The sudden change in the situation forced the kingdom to hold another military meeting. Even Hudson, the expedition general, was recalled to attend the defense meeting.
“The defense line in Northern Xinjiang has not been completed yet. What do those guys on the front line do for food?”
the Prime Minister, the Grand Duke of Newfoundland, shouted angrily.
/As early as when the continental war began to be rehearsed, the kingdom restarted the construction of the northern Xinjiang defense line. The kingdom allocates construction funds and materials, and a group of lords in the border areas are responsible for implementation.
In this regard, Alpha Kingdom is also experienced and has summed up a set of experiences.
The defensive line protects its own territory, so there is no need to worry about the participants not working hard. Even if some small nobles are different, there are still governors and governors watching over them.
All the lords in the border areas are from the entrepreneurial generation,