f Cheng Wenjin is here, after listening to Zhong Zhengjiang’s words, he will definitely treat him as a confidant.

f Cheng Wenjin is here, after listening to Zhong Zhengjiang’s words, he will definitely treat him as a confidant.
“It’s good to let nature take its course, but there are some things that you still have to take the initiative to fight for. If you hadn’t taken the initiative to harass me, would I have fallen in love with you? No, I still have to find a chance to talk to Jiahui tomorrow. From middle school. At that time, we controlled her too hard. Now that she is in college, she should let go. I observed Liang Ya today and she is much more proactive than our Jiahui. Now Jiahui and Wang Bo are studying together School, you can’t see me when you look up, you are a fellow countryman, and your innate conditions are better than many girls. It would be a pity if you don’t take advantage of them.” Wu Caixia said slowly, nodding her head again and again, as if she was confirming something.
“I can control you, but I can’t control it anyway. But again, I don’t object to Jiahui falling in love with someone in college, but there are some things and some bottom lines that you, the mother, have to explain clearly to her. . One mistake will lead to eternal hatred, and it will be a hundred years later. As a girl, only if you respect yourself and love yourself can others love you.” Zhong Zhengjiang stood up from the bed and began to take off his clothes, “Okay, think about it slowly, continue your work What a whim! I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. I’ve been traveling all day today, so I’m really sleepy!”
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. September 9th is the registration day for freshmen at Xizheng University.
Early that morning, after Wang Boyuan prepared to have breakfast, everyone drove Liang Ya to Xizheng to report. However, Cheng Wenjin was too embarrassed to bother Wang Bo and his family anymore, saying that Wang Bo’s parents rarely came to celebrate double celebrations and asked him to take them today. Let’s have some fun and report to Liang Ya. It’s enough for her and Liang Ya’s fourth aunt to help.
/Wang Bo thought for a while, Liang Ya was not himself after all. If BMW and Audi showed up at the registration site today, I don’t know what kind of sensation it would cause in Xinzheng. It might not be a good thing for the girl.
Wang Bo, who quickly figured out the connection, nodded to Cheng Wenjin and said, “Okay, Aunt Cheng. During the day, I will take my mother, old man, Wu Niang, Uncle Zhong and others to visit Shuangqing, and wait for the evening. Let’s get together again. Let’s go to Chaotianmen Pier to take a cruise