. Wang Bo’s eyes were filled with tears as he talked about the intimate words between sisters.

. Wang Bo’s eyes were filled with tears as he talked about the intimate words between sisters.
However, through observation, Wang Bo discovered that under the warm and intimate surface of the two sisters, there was a trace of unnaturalness hidden that was difficult to detect. Although the two seemed to talk about everything, to Wang Bo’s ears, they were just ordinary greetings to each other. How is Li Cui working as an apprentice in Guanghan? How does Guan Ping feel about working in a rice noodle shop? It’s not hard work, and so on. Moreover, the attentive Wang Bo also found that although Guan Ping had a smile on her face for Li Cui’s heartfelt happiness and joy, Wang Bo felt that this smile was somewhat forced. It seemed that for Li Cui, a good sister, Guan Ping was not really happy when he arrived, at least not as happy as Li Cui.
This discovery made Wang Bo a little puzzled. Because after spending so many days together, he could see that Guan Ping was by no means a selfish person. This could be seen from the fact that Guan Ping took the initiative to give up her bedroom to Tian Xin after Tian Xin came over a few days ago. Moreover, Guan Ping usually cleaned the house while Tian Xin was taking a bath, which made Tian Xin very embarrassed and offered to take turns doing the house cleaning with her and not compete with her.
Since Guan Ping is not a selfish person and gets along well with everyone around her, why is she not very happy about the arrival of her friend Li Cui? Could it be that there was some discord between these two seemingly good friends that he didn’t understand?
Wang Bo was quite curious about this. He found that the more he got along with these girls, the more he became infected with women’s gossipy nature.
“Or am I essentially a man who loves gossip?” Wang Bo asked himself.
Wang Bo feels that it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the ideological status of his employees, “prevent the slightest change” and “nip problems in the bud.” So, while Li Cui went to the bathroom to take a bath, Wang Bo waved to Guan Ping and asked her to enter his bedroom.
Normally, Guan Ping and Tian Xin would not take the initiative to enter Wang Bo’s room unless he invited them. Even if he goes in, he will knock on the door, because Wang Bo usually closes the door as soon as he enters. He prefers a quiet environment when he is alone. If there is too much noise around him, he will easily get distracted.
/“Bo’er, what do you want from me?” Guan Ping came to Wang Bo’s bedroom and closed the door. She had long noticed Wang Bo’s habit of closing doors during this period.
“It’s okay. Let’s chat by the way. Sit down, Sister Ping.” Wang Bo asked Guan Ping to sit down. “Your old classmate Li Cui is here. Do you have a companion now?” ”
Of course. Haha, you finally have a companion. Yes.” Guan Ping replied with a smile.
“So, Sister Xin and I are not your companions? What you say is so shocking!” Wang Bo made a hurt expression.
“No! Don’t get me wrong, Bo’er. You and Sister Xin are both very good. It