nd talked about Su Qun’s manuscript.

nd talked about Su Qun’s manuscript.
What Sun Hao didn’t expect was that in just one or two hours of being out like this, Su Qun had almost finished writing the manuscript.
He sat down at the computer to read, and he had already written more than 800 words.
Moreover, Su Qun can be called the originator of UC. Compared with the previous two articles, the title of this article is even better.
“He blew up Nash.”
There are not many words, but the main characters, supporting characters, and plot are all there. It is comparable to “a bald donkey who dares to steal the master’s wife from a poor Taoist”.
After reading the content again, Sun Hao couldn’t help but sigh, Su Qun is such a special talent!
To be able to become a pioneering sports media person, or even a master of Yang Yang, you really have a solid foundation.
“In the face of Sun Hao’s devastating offensive, Nash completely lost his ability to resist. He didn’t even get a chance to attack! Maybe he was already regretting in his heart, regretting why he gave Sun Hao the opportunity to attack first, but there is no regret medicine in this world. ”
Cuban kept nodding his head in approval, Nelson’s delighted look, and Nowitzki’s expectations for his future teammates. They all came together in one sentence: Sun Hao is the guard they want most!”
“Remember this name, Sun Hao. He is the king of Europe, but in the near future, he will bring his talents to the NBA and become the emperor of the NBA!”
Sun Hao felt the strength of Su Chui, and he would not be able to do anything without it.
But for the last sentence, he looked back at Su Qun.
“Isn’t it too arrogant to call him emperor? And the country probably won’t like this word either.”
Su Qun thought thoughtfully.
Indeed, when Sun Hao was in Spain before, he was only called Napoleon of China.
Now that Sun Hao has become the real Emperor of Europe, there is nothing wrong with calling him emperor, but in this era, domestic thinking is still relatively conservative.
The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors are feudal ideas. If you come here, you may not be able to verify it.
“How about calling him Little Emperor?”
Su Qun asked tentatively.
After he finished speaking, he slapped his thigh, feeling like he was really smart.
Adding the word “little” makes it feel completely different. After all, the little emperor is in no way connected with feudal thought.
Sun Hao looked up at Su Qun, then turned to look at Rich Paul who was standing aside and didn’t know what they were talking about. He always felt that something was wrong.
“That’s the name! It’s so appropriate! The Napoleon of Europe, the little emperor of the United States!”
/Sun Hao really didn’t mean it.
But looking at Su Qun’s behavior, he couldn’t tell Su Qun not to do that. After all, someone else wrote the article.
A little emperor will be a little emperor.
Su Qun hurriedly revised the article before eating, and then sent it to China via email.
“It will definitely create a sensation.”
Su Qun was very con