For the Lakers, Carter was not placed in the starting lineup by Harris.
The only starting starters for the Lakers are Sun Hao and Millsap.
Then, this time it was Smith who beat Gasol with a jump, finally giving the Lakers the opportunity to take the lead in attacking.
Sun Hao controlled the ball for half the game.
Carter was not present at this time, and Sun Haozhen became the Lakers’ only stable offensive point on the court.
This time Sun Hao held the ball at the logo position, and then called Millsap to pick and roll outside the three-point line.
/By this time, the physical fitness of most people on the field was in a “red” state.
It is impossible for the Clippers to pursue and intercept Sun Hao as they did before, and it is also impossible for Sun Hao to show off his various technical attacks like before.
At this time, it is a competition of technology, but also a contest of resilience and experience.
Mirzapra came out for the pick-and-roll, broke it open and walked to the basket, taking Kobe away.
Sun Hao mismatched Jordan Hill.
This is a one-on-one round, but judging from the positioning of other Clippers players, as long as Sun Hao breaks through to the free throw line, they will still be double-teamed.
Sun Hao bent down, made continuous cross steps, made a sudden stop, and then pulled away directly to the right.
Hill obviously couldn’t keep up with this rapid change of pace.
By the time he reacted, Sun Hao had already completed a long-distance step-back three-point shot.
The moment Sun Hao took action, the fans at the scene felt their breathing stop.
Because if this ball is made, Chamberlain’s record, which is considered even more unlikely to be broken than Jordan’s 73 wins, will be broken!
At this moment, the fans are nervous, excited, and happy!
Because they had only expected to watch a derby match, but they did not expect to witness a great performance.
Three overtimes, 100 points in a single game, this game will be an epic battle in NBA history!
The ball spins at high speed in the air. Although it is far away, it feels like it will go in.
The excitement on the fans’ faces is already evident.
The next second, an extremely crisp sound came out.
Moreover, this three-pointer brought his score to 101 points!
“Did it! He did it! He surpassed Chamberlain, and he became the one who scored the most points in a single game in NBA history!” In the
commentary box and the broadcast box, Breen and Su Qun used two completely different commentary styles to record this great event. moment.
Staples Center, as well as countless fans watching the game on TV, shouted in an extremely exaggerated way.
/101 points!
An absolutely great statistic that will always be talked about!
Sun Hao did it! !
It’s a pity that the outcome is not decided at this time, otherwise someone from both sides will definitely call a timeout and let the fans celebrate this moment.
But even without a pause, you can still feel the atmosphere at the scene.